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April 17, 2015


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This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too. So, what's been happening in the world of social this week? Here's the lowdown:


Facebook revives ‘Away’ message The platform has decided to revive the ‘away’ message to enable users to inform friends what they are doing in a newly trialled ‘sidebar status’.


New homepage to attract logged out users
Twitter has rolled out a new Twitter homepage which it has been testing since February to tempt users to log in. The new design displays topics which, when clicked on, gives a timeline of relevant tweets.

Twitter is winning the battle of live streaming
Periscope is being actively pushed to ensure it beats the new market rival Meerkat. The platform’s efforts to boost popularity includes the use of celebrities and publishers – and it seems to be working!


Tinder hooks up with Instagram
Overhauling its users’ profiles with photo app integration, Tinder opts to partner with Instagram, and further information is now pulled from Facebook. Users can now opt in to allow others to scroll through a selection of photos on their Instagram profile, in app.

Tinder: Now with Instagram! from Tinder on Vimeo.


Vine experiments with extended storytelling The six second video app has experimented with extending it’s storytelling this week at the festival Coachella. The platform dedicated a whole channel to the event but only featured content created by the two vine stars Devon and Cody.
Social Winners

The logo that’s dominates the US Election  Hilary Clinton is dominating social channels in the US election, and so far it’s purely due to the controversy attached to her campaign logo!

Social Losers

5 top social fails A great list of recent examples to learn from to avoid major social media fails.

Creative spot of the week

Emojis speak louder than words Jumping on the love and buzz around emojis, an environmental rally march in London used these images on banners to get their message across – loud and clear!

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