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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

October 2, 2015


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Much like your twitter feed, the social media never stands still. Keep up with this week’s essential social media briefing. From Tweets getting bigger, to brands teasing Facebook and engaging with Periscope, we’ve got everything you need to know about the world of social media this week.


140-Character Expansion

A new report suggests that Twitter is working on a new product to allow users to tweet beyond the current 140-character limit. With much speculation on how this will work, the company has not made any comment so far.

136-Page Handbook for Politicians

Twitter has published a lengthly handbook, specifically aimed at those running for elected office. Despite being an entertaining read, the US Elections Partnership Team (who put the manual together) says that it’s been ‘wildly popular’.


Lively Profiles

Facebook this week is testing ‘profile videos’. Instead of a static image, users will be able to upload 7-second video clips that loop when someone visits their profile. First to try this out will be the UK and California.

Nearby Friends

Launched in Australia this week, Facebook users on iOS and Android will be able to use the new ‘Nearby Friends’ feature to help locate their mates.

Tools For TV Targeting

Facebook has launched a number of new tools to target TV advertisers and measure the effectiveness of campaigns on mobile.


Watch And Shop

YouTube has announced that it will soon introduce the capability for users to directly shop items from videos. Harnessing the power of Google, pairing videos with appropriate ads will bring great opportunities for new revenue.

Snapchat Selfie Branding

On the back of the recent popular Snapchat Lenses, users and brands will come together during the festive season to produce fun, SPX selfies to share. It’s going to come at a price though – peak days (such as Halloween) are reportedly costed to set brands back $750,000!

Social Winner


Despite his ‘precarious’ situation, Edward Snowden has joined Twitter this week and besides gaining one million followers in 24 hours – he’s being pretty funny too!

Uncovering mass surveillance is starting to look like a viable social media strategy.

Periscope: Costa Coffee And Doritos

We’re naming Periscope a winner this week as two big brands used it’s service for some interesting campaigns: Costa Coffee streamed a live barista competition, while Doritos introduced Canadians to ‘Doritos Collisions’ in a 12-hour broadcast…

Social Loser


As Facebook went down for the third time in three weeks, other brands were quick to joke on Twitter…

COD’s Terror Attack

In a distasteful PR effort, Call of Duty “live-tweeted” a fake terror attack in Singapore. The morbid tweets designed to promote it’s upcoming release were met with strong social backlash. 

Creative Spot

Steal This Ad!

New Yorkers were urged to steal 181 of JetBlue’s bus shelter ads in return for free flights – who could miss people walking around with massive coupons? Check out the #NYCTakeoff footage.

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