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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 26, 2015


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Big players in the ever evolving world of social media have been quite busy this week. Twitter toys with emojis, FaceBook tests self-destructing messages, Snapchat teams up with Real Madrid and more. Enjoy your weekly round-up of all the latest.


Say It With Emoji

Twitter is experimenting with multiple emoji icons for Tweets. When “Favorites” were replaced with “Likes”, some people thought it would be inappropriate to react with a heart for certain content.


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that mimics Snapchat’s disappearing messages. Currently trailing in France, it will be interesting to see if this tool is something that catches on…

Facebook Fundraisers

These new dedicated ‘fundraiser’ pages are for nonprofits looking to raise money for specific campaigns. The channel has also invested in improving it’s Donate button. 

Sundays & Mondays For Christmas 

Brands are being encouraged by Facebook to focus their festive digital strategies on Sundays and Mondays. This is based on research around consumer purchasing behavior. 


Vine Audio Update

The latest update by Vine is making audio mixing a lot easier. Users can now lift audio from existing loops to place into new ones. 

Instagram API Change

For those who still use third party apps to browse Instagram, listen up! The channel will soon kill off support for the feed API – which allows such apps to pull data from the feeds in a bid to clean up the platform.

Social Winner

Real Madrid 

The “world’s most valuable football team” has teamed up with Snapchat as the first individual sports team with it’s own account and official live story.

Social Loser

Britvic Fails Strict Ad Rules

Drinks company Britvic has been ordered to cease all current Instagram advertising with celebrity Millie Mackintosh. The ads are being accused of not being obvious enough in letting users identify them as such. 

Map Mishap 

Twitter has been having a field day with one US presidential candidate’s confused campaign map…

Creative Spot

Sometimes A Cough Is More Than A Cough

In a creative way to spread awareness of lung cancer, London commuters experienced a live beatbox performance that started with ‘just a cough’.

Monsoon Of Colour

Pantone have a beautiful plan to bring color to the streets of Seoul this monsoon season with the help of some hydrochromatic paint.


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