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Brittany Ruppert

Published on

June 16, 2017



Tidy Up

As you may have noticed, Twitter got a flash new design update this week. The desktop and mobile sites now feature simpler icons, cleaner typography and rounded profile pictures (which means you may want to look at updating your company photo if it features a logo). We’re all on-board with the cleaner design – a long time coming!


Sliding Into Your DMs

Twitter this week announced updates to Direct Messages, aimed at improving brands’ customer service and engagement. Businesses now have the option of embedding buttons into their DMs, which make it easier for customers to interact with the company, e.g. follow an account, talk to a chatbot or visit an external webpage.



Facebook has finally introduced a GIF button to its comment section! So next time you’re embroiled in an awkward political debate, or can’t find the words to reply to a sappy birthday message, you’ll be able to fall back on the trusty Giphy database. The update arrives on the GIF’s 30th anniversary – so happy dirty thirty GIF, and welcome to Facebook!

Let’s Get Digital

Facebook this week announced that it has teamed up with Deloitte Digital to help companies ‘fully evolve into digital businesses’ by rewiring ‘legacy business and marketing models to create long-term business value’. They will do this by focusing on four pillars: people, technology, insights and experience innovation.


Make It Snappy

Snap has officially launched its Ad Manager, and businesses of any size just need to fill out a form to get started on the self-serve platform. The company also announced a new offering this week – Snap Publisher, which will go live in July. The free tool helps users create Snap Ads in under two minutes.


For years, there’s been grey area around Instagram influencers revealing when posts are sponsored. But after a warning from the Federal Trade Commission, Instagram this week began testing a standardised format for sponsored posts, that makes it easier for users to mark posts that include paid elements.


Secret Recipe

Fast food chain Wendy’s has gone viral several times in recent months with their humorous tweets – ranging from #NuggsForCarter (the most retweeted post of all time) to calling McDonalds a ‘troll’. Recently, the company’s head of media Brandon Rhoten shared a few insights into the social strategy – and how other companies can improve theirs. Take a look.


Time To Check Yourself?

Facebook’s Safety Check feature was criticised this week after being triggered following the tragic Grenfell building fire in London. Amidst the chaos, people far from the fire were prompted to mark themselves safe from the ‘fire in London’. Many argues this made the incident seem far more wide-spread than it actually was – in turn, creating more panic.



F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Brazil has come up with a novel campaign to promote FilmBrazil’s audio visual production capabilities to the world. The #TweetScripts campaign took a series of random tweets, from various users and turned them into mesmerising short films. A clever way of ‘show, not tell’ marketing. Take a look.

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