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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

August 12, 2016


This Week in Social


Moments for the Masses
Twitter will soon be making Moments available to all users. As the feature recently opened up to new partners (including influencers brands), it looks like anyone will be able to join in over the upcoming months!

Ready For Rio
Just in time for the big games, Twitter has launched hundreds of new emoji that will be triggered by the use of country initials, sports and mentions of medals!


Cat And Mouse
Facebook has rolled out code that counteracts the recent workaround provided by Adblock Plus; originally set up to block the channel’s ‘unblockable’ ads.

Viva La Video!
To offset the continued decline of organic reach on Facebook, publishers are turning to video to help build up impressions.


Additional Ads
Snapchat has increased the number of ads appearing between Stories – but considering the platform promised they’d be mindful of advertising levels; how much is too much?

About Time, Pinterest!
Pinterest is joining the video party! The platform has recently announced it will soon be launching its very own native video player

Social Winners

Social Does Good
Check out how social media is changing the lives of thousands of shelter animals.

Tesco, Poems & A Worm
Despite the (gross) scenario that sparked the social interaction – this recent example of community management on Facebook is amazing.

Social Losers

Filter Fury
Snapchat has been forced to remove one of its most recent filters after quick backlash deeming the ‘yellowface’ selfie lens as being racist.

Creative Spot

Pepsi Spoof
This spoof of the famous Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad will ruin the classic, and open your eyes to the damaging use of palm oil.

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