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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

July 3, 2015


This Week in Social

This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too.

So, what’s been happening in the world of social this week?


Facebook wants to be your favourite Internet TV
Facebook has announced an algorithm change to its newsfeed, utilising its big data on what you watch unmuted in full screen, in a bid to take on YouTube.

New photo uploader
Facebook has released a new photo uploader that is pretty similar to Snapchat. Users can edit images by adding filters and overlaying text and emojis before uploading.

Did you spot it?
Facebook has subtly tweaked its logo design to display rounder vowels. Did you notice?


New Twitter Ads button
Clicking on the new button offers users the ability to manage ad campaigns on the go. However, this has not been received well by everyone. Some have criticised the change, calling it “desperate” and “ugly”.

Data improved ads
Twitter has released a new data tool that aims to help advertisers improve their ads targeting, complimenting the recently live ‘Audience Insights’ dashboard.twitter app


Buyable Pins now active!
Pinterest’s new Buyable Pins are now available in the US on iPhone and iPad. If users see a pin which has a blue price on it, it can be bought!

Tumblr TV
Tumblr has taken much loved GIF images to a new level with ‘Tumblr TV’. This has been described as “a new search and viewing feature that allows you to enter a full-screen mode that loops GIFs.”

Social Winner

#PoweredBy Tweets
This week’s literal social winners are those announced by Twitter and the London Design Festival. Entrants were asked to “create something beautiful” using the Twitter platform. Winners will have their ideas built by Pixie Labs, and given a Twitter Ads budget to promote even further. Check out the incredible winners!

Social Losers

#AskELJames backfire
The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy author took part in a Twitter Q&A session last week, which quickly turned into 50 shades of regret…

Creative Spots of the Week

Big Talent – Tiny Portfolio
One clever freelance designer has shown his talents in the world’s smallest portfolio – barely the size of a postage stamp!

London’s Happy Forecast
A WebGL site uses Twitter to measure the happiness of London. It works by scraping Twitter’s API for tweets from certain postcodes, then analyses the social sentiment using a machine learning sentiment API (Sentiment140), allowing ‘Happy Forecast’ to calculate London’s social wellbeing. Try it out!

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