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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

December 11, 2015


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What do Miss Piggy, Michael Kors and the Romanian flag have in common? Well, they’re all very fashionable. Also, all three were in the spotlights on social media this week.

Some for good, others… Less so.



Tweets: Out Of Order

Twitter is experimenting with the way that Tweets are appearing in timelines. Like Facebook, some Tweets will show up out of its signature reverse chronological order.

Ads For Logged Out Users

Twitter has started to make money from offline users. It is doing this by running ads for those who see Tweets but aren’t actually logged into the platform.


Instant Article Ads

Facebook is making a move to please publishers by allowing more ads in Instant Articles resulting in an increase in their revenue. Publishers can now place ads every 350 words, rather than every 500 in their articles.

Response Speed On Pages

The latest feature rolled out on Facebook Pages allows users to see how quickly page owners respond to messages. Pages can be declared as “very responsive to messages” if 90% receive a reply within five minutes.


3D Instagram Touch

Android users can now experience a new 3D Touch feature when in the Instagram app. By long-pressing a thumbnail, browsers can “peek” at images by showing a larger version without opening.

New YouTube Updates

New features have been introduced by YouTube this week including a ‘Trending’ tab, ‘Ready to Play’ button and ‘Buffering Progress’ display.

Social Winner

Michael Kors Direct Marketing On Instagram

See how the luxury fashion brand has achieved “top of mind awareness” for US, UK France and Canada – all thanks to its big bet on Instagram’s advertising function.

Message Moi?

As part of the promotions taking place for ‘The Muppets’ show now airing on ABC, Facebook users are able to chat with Miss Piggy on Messenger!

Social Loser

Facebook Flag Fail

Scottish Facebook users were invited to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day with a flag Doodle… however the channel mistakenly used the Romanian flag. Fail.

Creative Spot

Orchestral Digital Charity Campaign

Australian musician and comedian, Tim Minchin has partnered with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a clever digital campaign with a twist.

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