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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

October 16, 2015


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Video is bigger than ever on social media, as we can clearly see in this week’s round up. From a change which will bring more videos into your Twitter feed, to a new BMW launching over Periscope, we can clearly see that video is more important than ever.


Update Drives Users Dotty

Twitter’s ‘Moments’ update, a new tab which shows the latest breaking news, is irritating users, but not for the reason you might expect…

Twitter Amplifies Videos


M2 launches on Periscope

BMW US gave the world its first glance at the new M2 via Periscope. It’s a creative idea for a launch, and effectively extends their potential audience from a few hundred to a few million.

Vimeo changes channels

A big part of Netflix’s success is its investment in original content: just look at Orange is the New Black. Now rival Vimeo is moving in the same direction by underwriting original content. The three confirmed series will be free from advertisement interference – a strategy which has proven success.

Marmite Converts

Marmite tops the Drum Vine chart this week, with a rugby related loop including Marmite scoring against Vegemite!

Social Winners

Linking In

Big changes are coming to LinkedIn Groups. All Groups will become Private from October 14th. Users will be able to choose between Standard or Unlisted Groups, the latter will not be indexed and can only be found by invitation only. Improvements on content filtering will hopefully be reducing spam. A standalone iOS mobile app for Groups will also be rolling out.

Nothing stands in the way of Facebook Canvas

Facebook Canvas, which delivers microsite-like experiences on its mobile app, is still under utilised. Bacardi looks to be the exception, with an immersive ad.

Social Losers


Gif Gaff

Posting NFL GIFs got Deadspin and SBnationGIF suspended from Twitter – they learnt the hard way that copyright infringement isn’t okay, no matter who you are. Twitter Fail You would think politicians, who are trained in the art of public speaking, would be great on Twitter. But when they insult their opponents families, the whole world can see… and judge.

Creative Spot

Gamers get hungry

Snickers got some famous gamers to play badly on their Twitch channels as part of the ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign.

You can expect to see more video in your Twitter feed. New updates, and a preroll option, make it easier for advertisers to display their video to audiences.


Canvas makes it easier to buy

In the lead-up to Christmas, Facebook is making it easier than ever for retailers to sell to consumers via their mobile app.

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