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Beverley Noble

Published on

October 6, 2017



Data Highway

The controversial B2B mechanism Facebook uses to transfer data from the EU to the US is still safe, following a decision from the Irish High Court. The case has been referred to Europe’s top court, who could take 1.5 years to reach a decision, meaning Facebook can carry on as usual.

InstaFace Stories

Instagram Stories can now be cross-posted to Facebook. The feature was tested in Portugal last month and is now available in the US. The new feature makes the user experience more fluid, with far fewer steps than manually cross-posting stories. Maybe this will boost Facebook’s attempt to become more visual…


Tweet Power

Lord Alan Sugar has said that Twitter has made him more powerful than newspapers. Lord Sugar is one of several business leaders who use the platform to call out ‘garbage’ news reports and interact with the public in a way that allows him to sidestep traditional media. He currently has more followers than the Financial Times and The Times combined.

Trumping The Pope

The size of President Trump’s following on Twitter exceeded that of the Pope’s this week. @realDonaldTrump is now the most followed world leader on Twitter, so does this prove that the world is ready for decree by tweet? We’re not sure the Constitution would fit, even with the 280 limit…


Down To Business

A location-based filter feature is now available for events on LinkedIn. The professional social media platform now lets users add unique filters when attending an event, all within the LinkedIn app. Graphics designed to look like name tags don’t promise as much fun as Snapchat’s puppy ears, but they should make the app more visually appealing to its users.



Celebs are posting awkward puberty-era photos of themselves for a good cause. Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert has agreed to donate $1,000 for each photo to Puerto Rico hurricane relief, and actor Nick Kroll has agreed to match Colbert’s contributions. The #PuberMe campaign has already raised over $1m for the hurricane-ravaged island, which Colbert said the media had forgot about.


Are teens ditching social media?!

A survey of 5,000 students found that 71% had been on ‘digital detoxes’. But after just a few days screen-free the majority of teens were happy without their smartphones, despite initial concerns that many would experience withdrawal symptoms. Teens did report that they did enjoy Stories and filters, but felt the ‘fakeness’ of people’s profiles was a drawback.


Who wants #Phishandchips?

A Santander-branded fish and chip van has been travelling around Liverpool this week, warning Brits about phishing scams. Each customer must identify and show the staff a phishing email or text they have received in order to receive their yummy treat. The consumer bank hopes to highlight the dangers of scams that try to access your personal details.

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