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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

July 22, 2016


This Week in Social

Ever wondered how to get Twitter verified? How many people use Facebook Messenger? Or how much celebrity instagrams are worth? We have all the answers and more This Week in Social.


New Composition
You may have already seen it, but Twitter is testing out a new look for its Tweet composer. This change has aligned mobile and web designs of the platform.

Are You Verified?
Twitter had just made it easier for anyone to become verified. As the blue checkmarks go public, a new form to request the digital validation is open for all – but the channel still prefers real names and accurate profile images when making its decision!


Massing Messenger
Move over, and make way for Facebook Messenger. The instant messaging platform has just joined the one billion users club and is growing faster than Facebook itself!

Facebook Live
Further improvements are appearing on the Facebook Live feature. Video is strengthening on the channel as broadcasts are now longer and stretching to full screen.


Periscope Play
Periscope broadcasts are now set to play inside embedded Tweets. This move outside of the application and website is just another example of the interest currently pinned on videos by social media.

Pinterest Ad Options
Stay up to speed with how you can gain better results with the ad options available on Pinterest, with this handy guide from Social Media Today.

Sssssspam Testssss
Apparently not because of Swifty’s current snake infestation – Instagram shares its plans on testing spam tools for high profile accounts.

Social Winner

How Much?!
Social posting can mean BIG pay-outs to those with large audiences, and research has recently revealed that Selena Gomez has the potential to make over half a million dollars per social media post!

Social Loser

Oops – Wrong Account!
The US Justice Department fell foul to a (frightening not uncommon!) slip up this week. It seems one employee will no longer have posting rights to the 1.9m strong Twitter handle…

Creative Spot

Mud Is Good!
In a bid to encourage outdoor play (and promote its new app), Persil has teamed up with The Wild Network to build a 7ft tall, 10ft wide, erupting three tonne volcano.

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