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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 13, 2016


It’s updates everywhere This Week in Social, as Instagram unveils a new logo, and Periscope announces new features. Plus, Facebook comes under fire, and YouTube fails go mainstream. Read on for more…


360 Photos

In a bid to become a more immersive social platform, Facebook is introducing 360-degree photos – so keep an eye out on your News Feeds!

Trend Setting

As reports came to light of Facebook tampering with ‘Trending News’, Social Media Today looks at the channel’s influence over the news agenda and what it means for media.


140 Woes

How often do you get the 140 woes? Like most content creators, it’s probably every day! Check out Tweetbot’s ‘Topic’ solution.


Logo Loco

Instagram launches a new logo and interface design – but all we’ve learnt from mass response is that nobody likes change (although everyone will get over it – eventually).

Periscope Updates

Big updates from the live-streaming platform this week; drone streaming, lasting videos, search features and more!


Social Winner

User Generated Ads

Cereal brand, Aplen takes user generated content one step further by turning YouTube ‘Fail Favourites’ and creating what they imagine took place before hand…

Social Loser

Paw Effort

Fashion online retailer, Lyst’s new socially-led ‘Canine Collection’ promotions left animal lovers and welfare groups livid. Protesting Tweets seemly brought the entire campaign to a halt.

Creative Spot

 Braille Bricks

Braille Lego Bricks teach blind children literacy – what a fun and feel-good creative idea! Take a look and spread the word with #BrailleBricksForAll.

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