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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

January 29, 2016


This Week in Social

Video and visual continue to trend this week in social, and Facebook makes a change which is bound to get a reaction. Read on for more…


Video Viewing

In addressing the rumours of the Beyond 140 project, Twitter has informed marketers that 90% of videos are viewed on mobile devices.

Promoted Moments

The first UK brands to use Twitter’s Promoted Moments feature will be Tesco, Xbox and Sky. Tesco has already launched their campaign with the


(Almost) Ad-Free

Twitter’s most important and active “VP” users are being served a dramatically reduced number of ads, delivering an almost ad-free timeline.


Stream With Facebook

US iPhone app users will be the first to experience Facebook’s rival to Periscope with it’s brand new live video feature.

Like Update

The way we appreciate posts on Facebook will soon extend beyond it’s hallmarked thumbs-up ‘like’, to a range of emoticons called ‘reactions’.

Extended Audience Network

In a bid to include support for mobile web pages, Facebook has extended its ad network ‘Audience Network’. This is with hopes that more ways will be available to publishers to monetise mobile web traffic.


Snapchat Overhaul

The channel may be redesigning some of its core features which can change the way users share live videos and text messages. Changes include new ‘chat’ screens, icons, stickers and advanced audio and video calling features.

Pinterest Gender Split

In a new blog post, Pinterest has revealed the difference between what men and women search for on the platform. While men look for inspiration on paleo meal planning, women are browsing budget-friendly ideas for travelling with children. Check out the full list!

Social Winner

A Techy Love Story

One newly-wed couple share their story of meeting on Twitter’s Timeline, getting to know each other via Direct Message and an engagement that involved a Tweet-base scavenger hunt!

A couple that meets on Twitter, stays on Twitter!

Social Loser

MP Infuriates J.K

A Scottish politician took to Twitter to accuse J.K Rowling of ‘condoning misogyny’ which sparked a very public brawl. The online dispute has ended with the issue being taken offline.

Mistaken Pornstar Identity

Twitter’s blue tick was meant for a blue movie star, but the channel mistakenly verified a random user with a similar name.

Creative Spot

WaterAid’s Hope Locker

An incredibly creative way of gaining donations and registrations: WaterAid has produced interactive swimming pool lockers. Find out more about the on-screen animation and technology used in this successful fundraising campaign.

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