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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 20, 2016


Great news for social copy writers, new Facebook features and more. Read on for all the news This Week in Social…



140 Limits

Social copy writers rejoice! It looks like Twitter is removing photos and links from the 140-character count!


Mapped Out

Facebook has rolled out a new feature for Live videos giving users to browse broadcasts around the world on a map.

Video Replies

A new tool is being tested on Facebook which will enable users to reply to post comments using videos.



Musical Snaps

Watch out YouTube – Facebook is trialling a new music video product allowing users to create soundtracks for photo and video sharing.

Social Winner

Live-Action VR 360

Live action. Virtual Reality. 360-degrees… What more could we want?!

Social Loser

Live-Streaming Gone Wrong

BuzzFeed, Facebook and Barak Obama. Three big names, but one big fail. An example of how it can all go wrong…


Creative Spot

Behind The Leather

PETA opens a pop-up shop and unzips fashion to reveal the hard-to-stomach truth behind exotic leather products. (Warning: This video is not for the faint hearted)

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