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An interactive platform brings PETRONAS Syntium to life

The Challenge

PETRONAS Lubricants International was launching its new Next Generation range of PETRONAS Syntium engine oils for 2022. Part of the launch’s success hinged on an integrated marketing plan that educated and inspired both B2B and B2C audiences while aligning with the brand’s globally led theme of “cool is”.

We wanted to create a hub where users could find out everything they needed to know about PETRONAS Syntium. This website would house all content created as part of the integrated marketing plan, from social posts and videos to events, Spotify playlists and press releases.

Our goal was to drive traffic to the hub and the new global PLI website to increase people’s awareness and engagement with the new range of PETRONAS Syntium engine oils.

Our target audience covered six key markets in the EMEA region across both B2B and B2C. Our B2B audience is comprised of workshop owners who invest in PETRONAS products to service paying members of the public. For B2C, we’re speaking to car enthusiasts who want to find out more about the benefits of using PETRONAS Syntium on their own vehicles.

The Solution

We created, a multi-language content hub where users can watch, listen and learn about all things PETRONAS Syntium. Our one-stop-shop takes users on a journey with unique inspirational F1 content from Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, as well as videos and information on the benefits of PETRONAS Syntium.

We launched the Explore Cool hub on Facebook and Instagram creating GIFs and videos to promote the website. We utilised influencers across the EMEA market to create content around new PETRONAS Syntium products, whilst directing followers to the Hub using the #ExploreCool hashtag and the web link.

We also worked with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton to create content promoting the explore cool hub with short videos encouraging people to visit the website

To build excitement and exclusivity for the content hub, we also launched a newsletter programme that people could sign up to via the website. The newsletter shared exclusive content and offers with subscribers that aren’t accessible on the content hub or other Petronas Syntium channels such as product discounts. Localization of content and fully translated emails supported the success of the email newsletters.

Integrated with MailChimp, we planned and sent out a short series of newsletters. The results we have to-date, show that they are being received by audiences well, exceeding all KPIs, industry benchmarks and previous newsletter activity for PETRONAS Lubricants International


From April 2022 to February 2023 has exceeded expectations, seeing over 23,200 sessions and delivering over six times the amount of user activity anticipated.

For those who completed the newsletter sign-up form, audiences were very engaged. The results we have to date exceed all KPIs, industry benchmarks and previous newsletter activity.

  • Open Rate: 42.1%
  • CTR: 12%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: 0.25%

The #ExploreCool hashtag is now predominantly owned by PETRONAS Syntium on Instagram, with 500+ images and videos using the hashtag, from PLI-owned channels, to influencers, workshops and the wider engaged community.

The PETRONAS Syntium Explore Cool Content Hub has aligned PETRONAS Syntium with its better-known F1 Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS connections. The hub embraces the passion motor enthusiasts have for driving and the wider world of F1. It goes beyond what fragmented social channels can offer, providing a one-stop shop for audiences to interact with the brand in an inspiring and engaging way.

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