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Promoting a unique legal approach for modern relationships

Expectations and perceptions of modern relationships have been changing fast. Yet outdated legislation, inherent confrontation and reduced funding meant the current legal system didn’t meet the needs of separating couples today. Coupled with the fact the UK was entering an indefinite period of lockdown, the prospect of couples and families being under the same roof 24/7 sparked concern for a wave of relationship breakdowns and rise in divorces.

Withers decided a new efficient and cost-effective way was needed that reflected modern society. So, they created an alternative Separation Model solution alongside a new podcast fronted by Mariella Frostrup. LEWIS was then asked to help:

  • Build awareness of the new podcast and drive listenership among a mainstream consumer audience
  • Build awareness of the changing landscape of relationships and the associated legal implications/considerations
  • Build awareness of Withers’ new one-stop-shop solution beyond the legal pages and drive web page visits


LEWIS developed an integrated approach across digital and ‘traditional’ consumer media channels to introduce both the new model and podcast to Withers’ target audience.

Timeliness was key. At a time when COVID-19 was dominating headlines and conversations globally, creating standout and aligned messaging was essential. It had to be able to combat the usually conservative legal landscape and break into consumer lifestyle pages too. LEWIS therefore helped Withers to build out:

  • Solution and podcast propositions
  • An animated solution video to succinctly showcase the new model to a consumer audience
  • Hyper-tailored and adaptive thought leadership comments, media pitches and profiling
  • Engaging social assets and audiograms for use across Withers corporate and employee channels to launch the podcast


In numbers, the two-month campaign delivered:

  • 4,102 podcast listeners (as of start June 2020)
  • 1,849 visits to the campaign landing page (as of start June 2020)
  • Coverage in 4 x national and lifestyle publications

On top of this, the campaign also:

  • Broke into national and lifestyle media titles, beyond the legal pages, to reach a mainstream audience
  • Successfully leveraged the ever-changing lockdown landscape to open up the discussion about separation, profiling Withers’ spokesperson as a source of expert advice
  • Put Withers on the radar of key consumer media titles
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