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Video, animation and VR mean that audiences don’t just hear about your brand, they experience it. As technology evolves and the world remains switched on, video gives your brand a strategic and creative edge.


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The LEWIS Approach

Our in-house video and animation team will work closely with your business to understand what you want, and need. Creative corporate video production isn’t a cookie cutter process, so we don’t treat it like one.

Video projects with our agency begin with questions: why do you want a video? What style is most appropriate? Where should the video be targeted? By answering these questions, our video production team will be able to maximise ROI and develop a video or animation that is perfect for your needs.

Following strategic concept ideation, our video and animation team will develop the perfect storyboards and scripts to suit your project.

During the production phase, we’re able to offer filming and animation services, as well as complete editing and effects.

Finally, your deliverables will be complete in as many formats as you need. Whether that’s edited clips for social media, GIFs, or ads. We are then able to provide video seeding services to ensure that your content is being put in the right places. Results will then be carefully monitored and shared. With experience across multiple markets and industries our video and animation team are able to provide a wide range of services. If you’re looking for something bespoke, such as purely B-roll, a stock footage montage, a larger scale ad or a stunt video, please do get in touch.

Customers now expect to see brands in action, through exciting videos and dynamic content. Videos can bring your brand to life and deliver information in an engaging way through your website. On social media, video content can stop audiences scrolling and get them paying attention. Surveys and reports can be supported with professionally filmed voxpops. And that’s just the start.

But one platform isn’t always enough, and you might need your video to work in many ways. B-roll footage can be used for header backgrounds, soundbites can be pulled for social clips, sections of videos can be used for GIFs. The right video production will be able to deliver multiple assets, giving your brand the maximum output.

Whether you’re in need of corporate event filming, thumb-stopping social content, or innovative 3D animation, LEWIS can help.


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