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A Client Experience Summit

At TEAM LEWIS, we love to cut through the monotony, tap into an audience’s mood, and understand buyer motivators to keep our ideas fresh. As one of our valued clients in the region, we want you to be a part of these conversations too! 

‘SPARK’, our first-ever European client experience summit, focuses on the Multi-Moment Audience. Together with GWI we have assessed over 40,000 data points, uncovering insights about today’s audience who are no longer just multi-tasking or multi-device. Join us as we discuss and elaborate on topics to address today’s elusive audience in their crowded everyday lives.

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The Agenda: Multi-Moment Creativity

All brands are vying for attention, but what is the best way to reach audiences? We'll be taking a deep dive into the multi-moment audience to uncover creative strategies and techniques that can help brands reach their end goal. It's time for brands to connect purposefully to their audiences. SPARK will feature different sessions focusing on Multi-Moment creativity – mood, monotony and motivation - so you can decide what's relevant to your business.

Keynote Sessions

Welcome Address: The Multi-Moment Audience | Yvonne van Bokhoven, EVP EMEA and APAC, TEAM LEWIS | 9 am GMT/10 am CET
To say behaviour has changed in the past two years is an understatement. The scale and pace at which we now multi-task, multi-hat, and multi-screen has led to a new breed of consumer: the multi-moment audience. Our welcome address will introduce you to this audience and explain how the focus of this SPARK event - creativity - is the key to reaching them. We will delve into the many applications of creativity and how we can all benefit from applying it more in what we do.

Panel discussion: What influences the Influencer? | Guest Speakers: Hand Luggage Only & Style Me Sunday | 12 pm GMT / 1 pm CET
Whether you've worked on an influencer marketing campaign before, or you are looking for an insight into how to upskill, where better to start than talking to the professionals themselves? During this session, our panel discussion will reveal what makes the modern influencer tick, the trends to watch out for, how best to approach them, and enlighten you on what influences the influencer.

Keynote session: Leveraging Creativity to Cause Disruption | Simon Billington, Executive Creative Director, & Arjun Singh, Global Creative Operations Director, TEAM LEWIS | 11 am GMT/12 pm CET
What do you get when you mix innovation, strategy and imagination? Creative excellence without boundaries. At TEAM LEWIS, we are constantly pushing creative boundaries to engineer a new reality and open doors for our clients. Join Simon and Arjun as they discuss the crucial role creativity plays in causing disruption to connect to your audience.


OKX | Crypto Goes Mainstream: How partnerships can engage new communities | Rachel Conlan, Global Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships | 10 am GMT/11 am CET
OKX will discuss opportunity to lead the conversation in the market as Crypto exchanges find themselves at the centre of a cultural phenomenon.  
Creating a Compelling Narrative | Daniel Agromayor, Managing Director, Five Guys Spain and Portugal | 1.15 pm GMT / 2.15 pm CET
Five Guys is the American dream come true: Five Guys founder Jerry Murrell's mother always told him, "if you can give a good haircut or if you can serve a good drink at a bar of you can serve a good hamburger, you can always make money in America". Now, 30 years after Five Guys first opened, there are almost 1,700 locations worldwide and another 1,500 units in development. Find out how Five Guys has stood out from the crowd with a compelling narrative.  


Decisive Responses at Critical Moments | Paul Quigley, CEO, NewsWhip | 10 am GMT/11 am CET
Join Paul to discuss the roles played by culture, process, and technology to enable brands to respond decisively when they need to. With lessons from Ford, the Who... and aerial combat.  


Providing for the people in the pandemic | Mattia Perroni, Founder of Medicilio | 10 am GMT/11 am CET
Medicilio utilises technology and scientific expertise to fulfill one mission; to bring hospital services to the place of greatest comfort for each patient, their home. This SPARK session will hear Mattia Perroni, the founder of Medicilio, discuss how and why his customers inspired him to open a new company in the height of the pandemic.  
Marketing for the Greater Good | David Stanley BEM, Founder and CEO of The Music Man Project & Samuel Dean, CEO TEAM LEWIS Foundation, TEAM LEWIS | 1.15 pm GMT / 2.15 pm CET
The Music Man Project is an international music education service for children and adults with learning disabilities, providing accessible music tuition leading to inspirational performances. Run by volunteers, the charity gives grants for accessible arts education, promotes equal access to performance, carries out research, and raises awareness of the achievements of disadvantaged people in the arts. Find out more about the man behind the project.    

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