With more than 8,000 online SKUs, the LEWIS Biddable Media team was functioning around-the-clock to keep up with Oakley’s ever-changing product descriptions, seasonal items, prices, and landing pages during a busy holiday season. Many of which were out of stock at any given time, leading to a less than optimal use of ad dollars.


To help streamline and develop efficiencies, LEWIS worked with DoubleClick Search to create and influence iterations of “inventory aware” campaigns. The goal was simple: scale Oakley’s paid search account to cover 8,000+ products, while also reacting automatically to inventory changes on site.


  • LEWIS was the first agency to use inventory-aware campaigns on a large scale and the media took notice
  • One quarter after adopting inventory-aware campaigns, Oakley saw a 51% rise in ROAS, a 26% jump in CTR, and a 50% boost in conversion rate, compared to manually-managed campaigns
  • The Biddable Media team expanded keyword coverage on both Oakley products and SKUs by 49%
  • An estimated 38 hours of tactical effort were saved in the first quarter that allowed the team to focus on bigger strategic initiatives to continue driving growth and efficiency for the brand


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