Is it time for the global boutique?

Published on April 03, 2012
By andreswittermann

One of my favourite German expressions is Eierlegende Wollmilchsau, which translated literally means ’Egg-laying woollen milk-sow.' In other words, there’s simply nothing that really fits all of our different needs or that can do absolutely everything that we want it to do with the very highest level of expertise. I believe Eierlegende Wollmilchsau is a phrase that can certainly be applied to our industry. Whenever a company is at the outset of an agency-selection process, the main question for its executives is: "Do we look for a strong, big international network that will suit our global needs - or do we want the best local agency in each market?" In an ideal world you would really want to have an agency with international reach – but also one that has the best local experts you can possibly dream of in each market. Top results in each location. Your very own Eierlegende Wollmilchsau. But does an agency exist that actually can help you in all of your key markets and beyond - and that still provides you with the best quality of service in each country - all while covering your individual needs and guaranteeing top results? If so, how do I, as a communications director, find it? And even more importantly, how can I be sure it will deliver what is promised? You need a group of people who put tomorrow over today, who will keep investing in the agency, its customers and its staff. In a world where social media and digital communications mean that everything your company does is visible, you need a highly-motivated, agile, young and highly technologically-minded team of PR professionals. And, of course, they need to have that local touch, because even in a globalised business world there are still differences between countries on which networks prevail, how and to what degree people are sharing their opinions and so on. In short, it may not be easy to find your global boutique. But very many of today’s leading and fastest-growing companies need this kind of partner to be heard and to succeed in a highly competitive media environment. So, check the basics like the entrepreneurial spirit and the investment strategy in that agency. Meet their teams, face-to-face or on video. And enjoy your job of effectively spreading your message targeted to each local audience on a global scale. To learn more about how a global boutique works in practice, take a look around our website or drop us a line.

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