Lessons Learned After One Year with LEWIS

Alecia Detka
Published on May 03, 2017
By Alecia Detka

Break out the confetti, sound the trumpets, and cue the cake!

Celebration with confetti and cake

Celebrating my first year as a member of the LEWIS team, I found there were quite a few lessons that made an immeasurable impact on my work and career. As an account executive, my journey in public relations is only beginning, and I look forward to where this profession might lead.

To commemorate the past year at LEWIS, I gathered these lessons learned and summarized five below that are essential for members of the public relations field.  

Over communicate
Majoring in public relations, you are told (warned) never to expect the same day twice. While each day promises a cyclone of emails, pitches, conference calls, and briefings, here at LEWIS, the enormous support of your team helps calm this storm. With that said, moments must be taken to provide updates and communicate with your team members to ensure productivity. It’s this type of initiative and encouragement that leads to everyday successes.  

Just keep reading
Entering the world of tech public relations is certainly a daunting task. You quickly become aware of your lack of knowledge in artificial intelligence, the IoT, travel management software and the entire world of information technology. The only solution is to make a persistent effort in reading every article, white paper, and product description at your disposal. LEWIS ensures these resources are readily available, and by taking advantage of this knowledge, its empowering to gain a deeper understanding of what the IT industry can offer.  

Woman reading a book
Prioritizing daily tasks can be nearly impossible. Emails are flooding your inbox, calls with clients take up blocks of your time, and distracting to-dos consistently popup throughout the day. Never the less, prioritizing the most pressing items is worth delaying an email – especially when you gain an organized plan as well as peace of mind.  

Stay in touch
Slow(er) days at a public relations agency do exist, but when they present themselves, be sure to take advantage! During these times, it’s always worth reaching out to members of the media you haven’t heard from in a while. Let them know you would welcome an opportunity to work with them again, and inquire what they may be reporting on currently or in the future. We discuss the importance of building relationships, but sometimes cementing the first brick is the hardest step. A friendly, but focused message could change that.  

Write and write some more
Brands are turning to their PR firms to create comprehensive content that will resonate a strong and unwavering message. To meet this challenge, it’s crucial to continuously improve your writing, and an easy way to do so, is to take every opportunity to draft whatever content that crosses your path. Whether that be a byline, blog post, or even a tweet, you’ll allow yourself not only to make mistakes, but to create a piece that you’re proud of and excited to share with your client!


Did you just celebrate a work anniversary as well? Share the lessons you learned in the past year by writing a comment below!

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