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NEWS: LEWIS Purestone Launches Sprint Labs

Published on January 05, 2017

Sprint Labs is a new digital project delivery concept designed by LEWIS Purestone. It uses a stripped back agile methodology to develop areas of a client’s digital estate, including marketing automation, websites and mobile apps. 

The upshot is that B2B brands now have the ability to serve up new and engaging experiences for customers and prospects far quicker and for less investment.  The concept leaves behind digital projects that are weighed down in stakeholder politics, long lead times and big price tags. Quick-fire, agile and focussed development allows brands to experience game-changing results in under two months. 

The agency uses award-winning creative and development teams within the Sprint Labs to deliver next generation projects for its clients.

How it works

Sprint Lab is broken down into seven quick-fire phases: The Why, Ideation, Conception, UX, Development, Prototype and Release. The end-to-end process takes just six to eight weeks to complete.

The concept was recently used to freshen up PayPal’s business development approach with its prospective clients. Within eight weeks, ‘PayPal Connect’ was born - an innovative and pioneering sales enablement app. Following a successful pilot launch to a select number of UK sales people the app was subsequently rolled out across the UK and EMEA.


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