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NEWS: LEWIS launches new international advisory board

Published on February 06, 2017

LEWIS, the global communications agency, is launching the LEWIS Advisory Board (LAB) to help build a comprehensive global economic, political and social narrative for the years ahead.

The LAB will be chaired by US Presidential adviser and global economist Dr Pippa Malmgren whose book
Signals inspired the idea. The group’s objectives are to help leaders spot trends to achieve greater creativity and situational fluency.

The LAB was piloted in California in January 2017 and hosts invitation-only roundtables around the world every quarter. It will issue white papers summarising the main conclusions from each discussion. All comments and contributions are taken on a “Chatham House Rules" basis. Over 40 leaders have contributed so far from a variety of backgrounds including scientists, politicians, economists, artists, academics and military leaders.

Chris Lewis, CEO and co-founder of the LAB said: “The world is in the grip of a volatility brought about by Brexit, US political change and global economic concerns. This is breeding short-term thinking and inefficiencies. Never has there been a better time for people to get together across all vertical sectors to compare, discuss and build a global narrative.”

Dr. Malmgren said: “This is a coalition of the talents and I feel honoured and excited to be chosen as the Chair of the LAB. The speed and complexity of change demands a new approach that spurs the creative and constructive thinking that is required to solve the many pressing problems society faces today."


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