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Tech Madness: A Champion is Crowned

Published on April 05, 2012
By dandegginger

We started this tournament with 16 technology trends, some were well established, while others were just starting to gain traction in the tech world. After four rounds of competition it is finally time to cut down the nets as Mobile Applications have defeated Tablets in the finals of LEWIS PR’s first ever Tech Madness tournament. Mobile Apps survived stout competition throughout and can now take the title as the Top Tech Trend of Today. While the confetti rains down on Mobile Apps, we wanted to take a look back at some of the stories that made the inaugural Tech Madness tournament so special…think of it as our “One Shining Moment” Upsets What would a bracket competition like this be without upsets? Luckily we didn’t have to worry about that in this tournament. In the first round, Voice Control and Mobile Payments took down two well-established opponents to reach the Elite Eight.  The biggest surprise of the tournament though was in the second round when Voice Control defeated top seeded Cloud Computing to make it to the Final Four. Only time will tell if Voice Control’s performance this year was just a flash in the pan or if it will establish itself as one of the top technology trends over the next year. Top Seeds   For the most part, the top seeds took care of business in this year’s competition. All four No. 1 seeds made it though the Sweet 16 round, all but one made it all the way to the Final Four, and top seeded Tablets and Mobile Apps faced off in the finals. Mobile Domination The performance of mobile technologies may have been the story of the competition. Four of the Elite Eight and half of the Final Four trends were based in mobile technologies, and an all-mobile championship matchup between Tablets and Mobile Apps proved that mobile technologies are the hottest tech trends of the moment. Here is a look at the final bracket: Now that we have crowned our champion, it’s time to look forward to next year’s competition. Next year will undoubtedly bring new trends for our bracket and it will be interesting to see which of this year’s trends still make the cut. Will Mobile Apps have a chance to defend its title? Will bottom seeded trends like Social Discovery and Gesture Control jump up to higher seeds? Anything is possible in the world of technology, so check back with us next year to see which trends will compete for the title of Top Tech Trend of Today!

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