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This Week in Social: Advertisers spend on Instagram, while millennials go to Snapchat first

Brittany Ruppert
Published on March 17, 2017
By Brittany Ruppert

While platforms are busy making changes this week, we see how brands are making them work for them!


Cut off

After discovering several organisations had used its publically available information in an "unwanted" way to track its billions of users, Facebook has banned companies from using its data for surveillance.   Facebook surveillance 


Studio Access

Twitter has updated Media Studio and expanded access to all platform users. Not heard of it until now? Don’t worry, it’s not just you – Twitter’s kept it pretty low key.
Twitter media studio



It all ads up

Deciding where to place your advertising budget? A brand new report shows that marketers are putting their money down on Instagram over Snapchat… 
Pick of the bunch

What’s your go-to social app? Despite Instagram being the advertiser’s favourite, a new study has revealed that Snapchat is the first social stop for most millennials. 
No Annotations

YouTube has decided that it is to discontinue video annotations. As it struggled to work on mobile, the video platform will be replacing the feature with Cards and End Screens. 


Search, Click, Go!

Expedia, Intrepid Travel and Lonely Planet are just a few of the travel brands that have been capitalising on YouTube’s current adventure search trend. 


Oh, the irony
Ghost in the Shell is set to hit cinemas around the world in a matter of days (if not already!) but who’s its latest critic? Its own viral marketing tool…
Ghost in the shell 

Creative spot 


One bookstore has implemented a nobel use of an otherwise iffy digital strategy, by using plots of classic literature as clickbait headlines – how novel (geddit?)

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