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What are the New Rules of Attracting Talent?

Morgan McLintic
Published on April 10, 2012
By Morgan McLintic

New rules for being magnetic to talentEvery company wants to attract rockstar performers to join their team. Hiring managers will tell you that posting your job to a listings service, like CraigsList, tends to attract quantity but rarely quality. Good people just don’t get jobs like that. So how do you find them?

Employee branding - what is your brand promise to your staff? What do you want people to think when they consider working for you? Since branding is often siloed in the marketing department, and HR teams are focused on transactional operations, the employee brand often goes unmanaged. What is the story you want to spread about working for your company? Social presence - almost every recruiter is hammering away at business-oriented social network, LinkedIn. But fewer companies spend time curating their presence on the network, which has become more important now that people can Follow companies. Have you linked your blog posts to your Company profile? Is your offering being Recommended by customers? You want your company to be alive when candidates check it out. Making a difference - how is your organization changing the world? For some, that’s an easy question to answer. For others, it’s more complex. Great staff want to devote themselves to a higher purpose - they can easily get a job, they want to leave a legacy. In an era where our quality of life may not increase from one generation to the next, the importance of a compelling mission is growing. Show me the people - Strong remuneration and a stellar benefits package are table-stakes for ace performers. Talent wants to work with talent. Who can they learn from and collaborate with? Is it clear from your profile, website, materials and interview process who the brains-trust is within your firm? Are you doing all you can to amplify their profiles through your blog, podcast, videos, speaker and media relations programs? Referrals - Some of the best recruits come from staff referrals. They are more likely to accept a position and to onboard quickly since they already have knowledge of the company and a ready-made social connection. To incentivize referrals most organizations offer a bonus. But is the amount memorably high? I mean so high people talk about it? How about offering it to people outside the company? After all, it’s the intro you want. Killer offices - What is it about your office which people will talk about? Perhaps you have a ‘nap room’ or some amazing art. For instance, our new SF offices will have barreled beer on tap (a staff request when we designed it). These are small things but exemplify why your firm is different and ‘cool’. What can you do to build a viral element into the fabric of your offices? None of these are quick fixes. All companies do the easy tasks. But great talent recognizes great effort - you have to stand out to attract outstanding people. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter at @morganm or subscribe to this blog here.

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