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Jen Wu

Published on

October 19, 2023



Assessing someone based on a piece of paper can distract you from the person you’re interviewing. Companies need to start investing in people and stop finding reasons to exclude them from the recruitment process.

It’s no secret that the recruitment market is tough. Companies want to attract creative talent and employees that give them the edge.   

Where’s a good place for employers to start? Scrap the CV and focus on attitude. Offer candidates the opportunity to gain the experience they want. This is the approach TEAM LEWIS is taking with three new training programs in the US, EMEA and APAC. We’re taking CVs out of the equation, and hiring future employees on merit and attitude rather than qualifications. We want to give candidates  the role they deserve.   

Here are four benefits to scrapping the CV:  

  • It increases the diversity of candidates  

It’s important to have new perspectives in your company and to constantly evolve. Introducing people from different backgrounds and with different interests keeps things moving.   

  • Your talent pool increases  

You’re not excluding, but including. You’re opening the door to people who might not have had this option.  

  • Finding entry level talent becomes speedy and efficient  

They’re looking for experience in their new role. They don’t want a lengthy recruitment process. These individuals are tech-savvy and all about efficiency. They’ll make it a seamless process.   

  • Gathering the data is a lot easier thanks to social platforms   

LinkedIn presents its own argument for removing CVs. It makes the recruitment process a lot smoother. A LinkedIn profile is a CV that’s constantly evolving.   

What else? Creativity is key. Creativity must be embedded across your organisation. Fresh talent aspires to be part of something new, creative and in a role where they’re making a difference.   

To learn more about what removing the CV really means for employers, check out what our Vice President of HR, Jen Wu had to say in The Drum    

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