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Supercharging Share of Voice


Established nearly three decades ago, Astroglide has become synonymous with the sexual wellness industry. However, despite its longstanding brand recognition, Astroglide’s organic search traffic was on the decline with no indication of a plateauing. LEWIS was brought in to help secure and reclaim the brand’s share of voice.


The team conducted technical and historical SEO audits of Astroglide’s site while focusing on its indexing strategy. We identified a critical technical error that had major implications on how Google crawled and indexed the site – consequentially impacting Astroglide’s keyword rankings.

The audits also revealed oversights with past optimisations on Astroglide’s latest website contributed to the keyword ranking downturn. The team developed an aggressive keyword strategy that prioritised high impact pages, starting with the homepage and core product pages while moving to blogs with top-ranking potential. We informed content keyword gaps using AI-powered technology while running an in-depth, on-page optimisation strategy that aligned with target keyword mapping.


Uncovering and correcting the indexing-related technical error laid the foundation for Astroglide to regain keyword ranking momentum. Layering a custom keyword content strategy helped reverse the trend. We were able to increase page one rankings by 34% which resulted in a 94% increase in clicks to the website with an estimated value of $12.5k traffic per month.

97% ↑

Keywords in positions 1-3

20% ↑

Keywords in positions 4-10

34% ↑

Total page one rankings

81% ↑

Total impressions – up from 2.23 Million to 4.06 Million

94% ↑

Total clicks up from 81,000 to 157,000


Estimated value of traffic cost

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