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Helping reach an AIDS free world

Across the world, 4,600 men, women, and children become infected with HIV every day. Whilst there has been a 40 percent reduction in new infections since 1998, there is still a long way to go before we reach an AIDS free world. The Elton John AIDS Foundation plays a crucial role in combating the epidemic and reducing stigma.

The past two decades have seen incredible advances in treatment and prevention options, slowing the spread of HIV throughout the world and allowing those with healthcare access to live longer and healthier lives. In 2011, a study by the National Institutes of Health proved that those receiving effective HIV treatment are 96% less like to transmit the disease. This shows that treatment is prevention and providing access to HIV medicine will not only save lives but can help end AIDS for good.

There is still some way to go, not only in combating the epidemic but also in reducing stigma. But progress is being made. It has been made by co-operating nations and people working together. By public, private and third sectors working closely. By determination to beat the odds. By valuing every human life.

About Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in 1992 and is one of the leading independent AIDS organizations in the world committed to overcome the stigma, discrimination and neglect that keeps us from ending AIDS. The Foundation’s mission is simple: an end to the AIDS epidemic. With the mobilization of their network of generous supporters and partners, they fund local experts across four continents to challenge discrimination, prevent infections and provide treatment as well as influencing governments to end AIDS. They will not stop until the AIDS epidemic is over.

Find out more about the mission and work of EJAF here.

“Thank you to team LEWIS for their valuable support to the Foundation. The generosity and help from organizations like LEWIS allow us to keep moving forward in the fight for an AIDS free world.”
Anne Aslett, CEO, Elton John AIDS Foundation

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