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The world’s first commemorative NFT coin

TEAM LEWIS saw an opportunity to combine the growing NFT trend with a high-profile event, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The result? TEAM LEWIS created the world’s first commemorative NFT Jubilee coin, and gave OKX a voice in the celebrations. The campaign was focused on raising brand awareness among new audiences outside of the crypto community.


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday provided an opportunity to combine the growing NFT trend with a high-profile event that would enable OKX to be seen and heard during the celebrations.

The creative solution began by drawing on a cultural insight around royal moments. What does the public buy to commemorate royal celebrations? Everyone wants to get their hands on the Royal Mint’s Platinum Jubilee coin, but it can be next to impossible with such a limited number usually minted.

TEAM LEWIS wanted to utilise the interest around Web3 and the Jubilee to create the world’s first commemorative coin that existed exclusively as an NFT.


In a bid to create Jubilee memorabilia fit for the digital age, TEAM LEWIS minted 10,000 limited-edition Platinum Jubilee commemorative coin NFTs, which were dropped on OKX’s NFT platform and made available for free to the first lucky customers.

The campaign was launched the week of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee four-day celebration weekend. Which meant that the campaign needed to be turned around in just nine working days.

When we think of royal events and commemorative coins, we instantly go to the space of the daytime TV infomercial. Everyone at some point has seen one of these adverts, which is why we felt recreating one would be a perfect way to connect OKX to such a huge cultural event. These adverts also often adopt many of the cliches of daytime television, which leant nicely to the brand humour of OKX that we needed to bring to our creative idea.

A video felt like the optimal medium for the creative expression of this campaign. The campaign parodied and leant into the classic tropes associated with daytime TV infomercials that sell special edition memorabilia for events like the Jubilee.

TEAM LEWIS shortlisted talent and filmed the parody advert for the coin in a studio with the suave daytime TV presenter (who starts to show his lack of crypto knowledge as the ad commences)! Once filming was complete, TEAM LEWIS’ team of 3D motion designers and editors quickly went to work to produce a first edit ready to go live within the fast-approaching deadline. Long and short-form hero content were launched alongside the video during the Jubilee week, through paid partnerships with the Financial Times and LADBible group.


In total, the campaign resulted in 1.8M impressions. performance specifics:

  • Clicks 690 v benchmark 500 = 38% over performance
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) 0.14% v benchmark 0.10% = 35% over performance
  • 24hr takeover
  • 500,000 total impressions

LADBible group performance specifics:

  • Video complete View Through Rate 38.04% v benchmark 20% = 90% over performance
  • Primary video placement (Sticky) CTR 0.31% v benchmark 0.18% = 74% over performance
  • Four-day video outstream solution
  • 1.3M total impressions

As well as paid media, we also generated 78,000 organic social impressions with Twitter leading the way. 17,344 submissions for the NFT coin were received on the OKX Commemorative NFT Coin landing page, vastly exceeding the 10,000 available.



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