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Charity and causes


Charity and causes

TEAM LEWIS supports THW Stiftung with emergency aid for flood victims


In July 2021, central Europe was hit by devastating floods which tragically claimed the lives of many and displaced thousands more. THW Stiftung has been imperative in dealing with the consequences of the natural disaster.
Since the beginning of the flood disaster, almost 10,000 THW volunteers from 615 of the 668 THW local associations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate have been involved in the operation. The organization has also been removing the consequences of the devastating destruction in Bavaria and Saxony. following persistent heavy rain. In total, the THW special teams spent almost 1 million hours providing support to those affected.

Why It Matters:

Following the disaster, many TEAM LEWIS employees in Germany used their charity days to help where it was most urgently needed. With offices across Central Europe, the team felt it was important to do what it could to aid the recovery efforts. In addition to the charity days staff could use to help, the TEAM LEWIS Foundation also made a significant financial donation to help fund the vital work of THW Stiftung.

“Donations like yours are support, motivation, and recognition at the same time. They also show how enormously important social cohesion is, even in the aftermath of extreme environmental disasters. We thank you very much for this and would be please to be able to continue to count on your commitment to THW,”  (PStS Stephan Mayer, MdB, Chairman of the THW Foundation).

TEAM LEWIS Art Director Thomas Weigl was one of those who used his charity days to help: “I couldn’t just stand by and watch the flood disaster. It was clear to me that I had to help. Thanks to the Foundation, I was able to take time off and clear basements of mud on site.”

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