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September 4, 2018


AI, Chatbot, China

The Chinese consumer is changing. From instant messaging to video calls, QR codes to Augmented Reality, the ways in which netizens interact with brands are evolving and shifting away from traditional channels.

This has given rise to an era of conversational commerce, and central to this has been the emergence of a new and increasingly popular technology – chatbots.

Supported by first-hand data from over 1,000 Chinese consumers, this LEWIS whitepaper examines the rise of chatbots from obscure concept to implementation among leading Chinese businesses.

This paper sheds light on evolving preferences and expectations from consumers in the world’s second largest economy, and reveals insights such as:

  • 58% of Chinese consumers prefer to interact with brands via social media channels
  • 75% of marketers in China are keen to use chatbots to promote their products and brands
  • 54% of respondents feel chatbots can offer intelligent responses to customer queries

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