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Jess Gutierrez

Published on

November 29, 2023


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We delve into the recently introduced feature – TikTok Search Ads – exploring its significance for marketers and brands. Uncover the potential impact and key insights behind this innovative addition to the TikTok advertising landscape.

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What is TikTok Search Ads?

TikTok Search Ads represent a dynamic advertising feature within the TikTok platform, offering brands an innovative way to expand their reach. Presently, the Search Ads Toggle is exclusively accessible in the United States. This feature enables brands to seamlessly transition their in-feed advertising efforts onto the TikTok search results page. Beyond this, TikTok Search Ads play a crucial role in connecting brands with users actively seeking terms associated with their products or services. This strategic approach ensures that brands can effectively engage with their target audience in a targeted and relevant manner.

Source: TikTok

How do TikTok Search Ads work?

The mechanics behind TikTok Search Ads are designed for seamless integration and user relevance. Once the Search Ad Toggle is activated, ads are automatically generated utilising the advertiser’s existing content, strategically placed alongside organic search results in response to user queries.

Identified by a distinctive “Sponsored” label, these ads may appear in various positions on the search results page. Notably, the process is largely automated, distinguishing it from other platforms where advertisers can pinpoint specific keywords.

Instead, TikTok employs its algorithm, focusing on factors such as relevancy, user intent derived from search queries, and broader insights gleaned from overall user behaviour. This sophisticated approach ensures that ads are not only seamlessly incorporated but also effectively matched with the interests and intentions of the TikTok user base.

Source: TikTok

Why should brands use TikTok Search Ads?

Embracing TikTok Search Ads offers brands a significant advantage in tapping into a broader and highly engaged audience. The platform’s foray into the search ads market creates an opportune moment for advertisers to connect with users who exhibit a strong intent to make a purchase. This is especially advantageous for retail advertisers, allowing them to capitalise on real-time purchase intent and enabling brands to be prominently featured or discovered while users are actively engaged on the platform. Given that TikTok Search Ads is still a relatively new advertising feature, the potential for further innovation and enhancements is promising.

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