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Samantha Lim

Published on

January 13, 2021


facebook, Social Media Marketing

The New Pages Experience

At the start of 2021, Facebook announced a refresh of the Facebook Pages Experience, with a few new additions that would make using Facebook simpler and more intuitive for brands and content creators. These include, amongst others, a redesigned layout, a dedicated News Feed, actionable insights, and safety and integrity features.

Source: Facebook

Facebook Removes Page Likes

Of the new Pages updates, one very prominent change is Facebook’s removal of Page Likes. Instead, the platform is now focusing on Page Followers to simplify the way that people connect with their favourite Pages. Unlike Likes, Followers of a Page represent the people who choose to receive updates from Pages, giving brands a clearer picture of their engaged fanbase. This major redesign is in fact in line with the direction Facebook has been veering towards in recent months, where meaningful interactions and connections are prioritised over vanity metrics.

How To Make This Work For Your Brand

The introduction of a dedicated News Feed for Pages gives brands the opportunity to actively discover and engage in conversations happening on Facebook. From here it won’t just be community management but community engagement, indicating a change in how content is consumed, and the way content planning should be approached moving forward.

With Page Likes out the door, this may also affect the Page Likes paid objective on Facebook Ads Manager in time to come. Brands may therefore want to shift their strategy to creating useful and engaging content that users will want to consume and follow.

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