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Published on

January 6, 2022


sustainability, sustainability marketing

Sustainability Now by TEAM LEWIS intends to help brands understand how they can effectively communicate their sustainability commitments.

Over the last year we’ve continued to witness the effects of the climate crisis, and we’ve started to see how individuals and businesses have an equally important role to play alongside the Government in environmental protection initiatives to drive significant positive change for our planet.

Through strategic partnerships and cohesive efforts, Singapore has managed to make some strides to push for greater sustainable development within the nation. However, major challenges remain. The need for increased and continued efforts is more pertinent than ever before.

Built from secondary research, we have prepared this report as a reflection of our current sustainability situation in Singapore. The report highlights trends and insights that businesses can use to help build successful sustainability marketing campaigns and messaging.

Inside the report:

  • Sustainable practices in Singapore
  • The power of truth in sustainability marketing
  • Different generational views – Gen Z is the greenest yet
  • Technology as a driving force for sustainable change

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