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September 11, 2022


We analyse the results from Singapore Pattern: Good Morning edition and share what Singaporeans' preferences and habits mean for marketers.

Launched in the spirit of Singapore’s National Day, Singapore Pattern: Good Morning Edition is a unique interactive microsite that allows users to assess how their morning routine compared to the habits (or in colloquial speak, a “pattern”) of the average Singaporean.

National Day marks the independence of Singapore and celebrates the diversity and similarities of all who call this country home. It was also an ideal opportunity to get insights into the local market, and understand how residents behave through a glimpse into their habits and mindsets.

Some of the questions asked related to the commute to work, saw about half, or 48% of Singaporeans preferring to listen to a podcast or music through a streaming service, whilst 34% choose to scroll through social media – particularly reels and stories. We can glean that while a significant number of commuters spend time looking at their mobile device screens, making it still a suitable time for brands engage visually through their social media channels, there is an even larger number who prefer to give their eyes a break – so a more sonic approach in the mornings might be worth considering.

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Results also showed that for 2 in 3 Singaporeans (64%), the first thing they do when they arrive at work was to review new emails and the day’s schedule. With 9:00 AM being the average start of a workday in Singapore, the findings show that it would be optimum for emails to reach your intended recipient’s inbox as close to that time as possible to ensure it gets their full attention.

In addition, the poll found that 56% of Singaporeans still prefer their regular kopitiam order as their morning beverage. Food continues to be the glue that connects Singaporeans, and is a great way to reach hearts, and show care. TEAM LEWIS also shared some tasty local treats in the gift boxes to clients, partners, influencers and media – including the local teh (tea) and kopi (coffee), as well as jars of kaya in the spirit of National Day.

Furthermore, 68% of people who took the poll were much more willing to share spaces with others these days, and wouldn’t hesitate to hop into an elevator filled with neighbours. This shows a willingness to intermingle, whether it be on a small scale such as an elevator, or possibly even extrapolated to larger events and gatherings (that can now be organised as Covid-19 measures are eased). The human touch is more important now than ever after the socially restrictive period of lockdowns, and companies would do well to build on this.

The survey also featured light-hearted questions built to humour, and gave fun insights, such as how Singaporeans wake up, whether it be snoozing their alarm twice (60%), how they get ready every morning (with 43% prepping their outfit for the day the night before), and the ambient noises that greet them when they step out of their home, such as the sounds of traffic, school songs being sung, or that Asian Koel that doesn’t seem ever stop calling.

At the end of the quiz, users were categorised into one of four truly Singaporean personas: Lepak King, Minor Kiasu, Kilat Kia, and Stylo Mylo.

  • Lepak King: Those who go with the flow and still make it work, as carefree as can be (22.3%)
  • Minor Kiasu: Type A personalities who plan everything thoroughly, may worry a bit too much but are highly organised (36.5%)
  • Kilat Kia: Those who are unable to catch a break – the workaholics and busy bees (6.7%)
  • Stylo Mylo: Those who dance to their own tune and exude confidence in their lifestyle (8.7%)

Lastly, an additional persona – Rojak (25.8%) – was also given to Singaporeans who were the perfect blend of two or more of these personas.

Through the Singapore Pattern, we’ve gathered some very localised insights into not just quirks about Singaporeans but also ways to connect with working adults on the island. The Singaporean morning is one filled with the hasty bustle of commuting, and as more are heading back to office spaces with some regularity, the results show there are some great opportunities for brands and businesses to better engage with their audience before they even arrive at their office desks.

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