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Hema has a crush on LEWIS!

Hema has a crush on TEAM LEWIS!

HEMA, the Dutch chain of shops specialising in low-cost decoration, relied on TEAM LEWIS’ communication services to coordinate its corporate press relations in Europe and to publicise the opening of all its strategic shops. In addition to the openings managed by local teams (France, Spain, Germany and the UK), the TEAM LEWIS Amsterdam office led the international communication operations for Europe.


TEAM LEWIS France was also asked to handle the strategic regional openings of three major new shops: Marseille, Amiens and Nantes.

With the aim of being close to the daily life and habits of its consumers, while maintaining its international brand DNA, HEMA needed to find a coherent positioning on a national scale.


To do so, TEAM LEWIS developed a corporate brand speech based on the history of the brand and its success story, and on the positive economic impact it generates locally at each new opening via employer-branding communication.


This strategy created a buzz and generated strong media interest.

In a year, the agency’s work generated numerous opportunities for interviews and clippings in specialiSed and regional media such as La Provence, Presse Océan Nantes and Ouest France.

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