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Jasmine Green Tea 25th Anniversary Campaign

POKKA Singapore, established in 1977 by parent company POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD., JAPAN, is a leading beverage company in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of beverages under the reputed brand name “POKKA”.

POKKA Jasmine Green Tea (JGT) has been a familiar ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage in Singapore for over 25 years, and a preferred non-carbonated choice by many on the island.

The Challenge:

With the influx of new options from competing brands over the years, consumers in Singapore have become spoilt for choice. TEAM LEWIS was tasked to create a campaign that would help JGT rekindle its connection with POKKA’s consumers, establish their position in the RTD tea space, and ensure continued relevance with their target audience. We aimed to do this by building stronger brand love amongst younger consumers while keeping POKKA JGT at the top-of-mind for consumers who grew up with the beverage.

The Solution:

By collaborating closely with our internal research team, we conducted a customer insights poll and survey that served as the foundation of our campaign that enabled us to craft an effective strategy with the overarching campaign concept.

In particular, the data showed that many consumers in Singapore shared strong memories that involved POKKA JGT, especially through their schooling years and as young adults, which brought them closer to friends and family in their lives.

The Strategy:

“The Evergreen Taste of Home” was all about a celebration of significant and everyday life moments that POKKA JGT had also very much been a part of in consumers’ lives. This leveraged on the familiarity that the brand already had with its consumers and emphasised how the drink is still a part of experiences in Singapore life.

We further identified four key moments that struck a sense of nostalgia and resonated most strongly with consumers based on their own personal experiences. These moments became the key messaging pillars that cut across our entire campaign.

“The Evergreen Taste of Home” also served as the inspiration for other concurrent marketing and communications activities that POKKA rolled out during the campaign period.

The Execution:

Employing a multi-faceted approach this campaign, we sought to leave a lasting impact with all Singaporeans.

TEAM LEWIS first created a story-led 129sec digital video that followed a young couple through their life’s experiences growing up together and encapsulated the four different themes that were identified from our research. Various cutdowns of the main video were also created for optimisation on social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

We created a series of four key visuals based on the four key moments from our survey. These key visuals were used for Out of Home media including bus stop 6-sheets, programmatic displays, supermarket in-store displays, and were further adapted for social media.

Key Results:

Derived through month-on-month comparisons of POKKA social platforms. TEAM LEWIS’ concepts and executions were a part of other ongoing marketing efforts from POKKA during the campaign period which yielded the results as a whole.

  1. Instagram:
    • 10% growth in followers
    • Accounts engaged by 106%
  2. Facebook:
    • Increased page likes by 3700% during the campaign period
  3. YouTube:
    • Commercial video had over 231,000 views with an average percentage viewed of almost 80%
  4. TikTok:
    • An increase of 115% attributed to the campaigns


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