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Skechers - Launching new fashion line


Skechers, the popular American shoe brand, was until now mainly known in Belgium for its sports shoes and comfortable slippers. With the launch of a new lifestyle and fashion line, it also wanted to enter the Flemish fashion segment.
Skechers’ first fashion event for Belgian influencers


Influencer marketing and an influencer event are almost indispensable when promoting a new product. That’s why Skechers asked TEAM LEWIS to set up an exclusive event for major fashionistas in Flanders. It was important that the event would actively involve influencers and generate engagement.

Inspiration and activation

One of the crucial elements in setting up a lifestyle event is the location. The Gä Nord in Antwerp was chosen, with an industrial but cosy look and feel. To attract influencers, the concept and content was essential. Just presenting the new shoe would not be enough. Therefore, stylist Farah El Bastani was brought in as host during the event. She was a perfect source of inspiration for the influencers and shared tips and tricks on possible combinations with the shoe. Furthermore, a photobooth was set up where influencers could have their pictures taken and easily share them afterwards and a cocktail workshop was organiSed.

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