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A Client Experience Summit

At TEAM LEWIS, we love to cut through the monotony, tap into an audience’s mood, and understand buyer motivators to keep our ideas fresh. As one of our valued clients in the region, we want you to be a part of these conversations too! 

Continuing on from last year’s inaugural ‘SPARK’, our second Asia Pacific client experience summit focuses on the Multi-Moment Audience. Together with GWI we have assessed over 40,000 datapoints, uncovering insights about today’s audience who are no longer just multi-tasking or multi-device. Join us as we discuss and elaborate on topics to address today’s illusive audience in their crowded everyday lives.

The Agenda: Multi-Moment Creativity

All brands are vying for attention, but what is the best way to reach audiences? Following our prior exploration of the action economy, we now deep dive into the multi-moment audience to uncover creative strategies and techniques that can help brands reach their end goal. It's time for brands to connect purposefully to their audiences. SPARK will feature three break-out tracks focusing on Multi-Moment Creativity – mood, monotony and motivation - so you can decide what's relevant to your business.
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Keynote Sessions

Welcome Address: The Multi-Moment Audience | Keso Kendall, Head of Regional Strategic Accounts, APAC, TEAM LEWIS
To say behaviour has changed in the past two years is an understatement. The scale and pace at which we now multi-task, multi-hat and multi-screen has led to a new breed of consumer: the multi- moment audience.
Our welcome address will introduce you to this audience and explain how the focus of this SPARK event - creativity - is the key to reaching them. We will delve into the many applications of creativity and how we can all benefit from applying it more in what we do.
Driving Engagement Through Gamification | Wayne Kennedy, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Goama
Brands today face the challenge of connecting with audiences that are increasingly weary and conscious of time spent online. Coupled with the overwhelming amount of digital noise, standing out and achieving optimum engagement might seem like a tall task. In this session, Goama will share how it is applying gaming techniques to help brands drive engagement through gamification.
Panel Discussion: Connecting The Dots | Michala Sabnani, Executive Director, Morning Studio at SCMP, Sarah Lian, Entrepreneur and Founder of SuppagoodJessie Lin, Head of Digital Marketing from Stockspot.
The marketing landscape in 2022 has changed. It’s no longer as simple as getting in front of your audience with a single message as many times as possible. Brands must connect the dots to stand out and reach consumers where they’re engaging. During this panel discussion, we will cover how brands can break monotony and get through to audiences, the importance of understanding consumer mood when crafting marketing messages, and the growth of purpose driven marketing to attract and cater to today’s conscious and ethically driven audiences.

Monotony Sessions

Getting Creative with Content Marketing | Mark Tay, Head of Content, TEAM LEWIS
Since the pandemic, the way audiences engage and interact with brands has changed dramatically. A deeper understanding of what inspires and drives these audiences is essential in crafting effective and cost-efficient content strategies today. In this session TEAM LEWIS will share key insights to help brands craft thoughtful and practical content strategies as well as execution methods to ensure your message is heard and remembered.
Creating Immersive Brand Experiences | Danny Wong, Head of Futures Hub, TEAM LEWIS APAC, Florent Adam, Managing Director, SIXIÈME SON and David Webster, CEO & Co-founder, The Carrot Collective
It's time for brands to say no to monotony marketing by using tools like sonic branding and AR/VR to bring your senses to life in a way like never before. Join a panel of experts from TEAM LEWIS, Sixième Son, and The Carrot Collective who will share trends in the space and regional best-in-class examples, as well as tips and tricks to help you think about how to apply this to your brand and business.
In this session, dive into the world of sensorial marketing, as we take a look at how you can use technology to activate the different senses of consumers to create deeper, more immersive, and ultimately, more meaningful brand experiences for all.

Mood Sessions

Emotion & AI | Inez Faiz, Customer Success Director & Tyler Tai, Account Executive at Brandwatch
There’s plenty of rich unprompted consumer conversations taking place online. Failure to capture such data might mean untapped insights that show how consumers are speaking about your brand or your competitors. In this session, we focus on how the colourful conversations on social media reflect consumers’ moods and sentiments when they share their experiences online. Find out how your brand can utilise these insights to create campaigns, inform your messaging, or improve your brand’s image.
Multi-sensory Storytelling | Smitha Virik, Head of Technology, APAC, TEAM LEWIS
Today's B2B and B2C consumers want unique, attention-grabbing creativity, delivered in a personalised way. But how can brands ensure that messages resonate with their audience’s mood? Well, human beings love storytelling that ignites emotions and generates empathy and understanding. Brands that don’t embrace compelling narratives, and fresh ways of sharing them, are missing an opportunity. This session will discuss how brands can use multi-sensory storytelling to reach B2C and B2B audiences in an impactful way.

Motivator Sessions

Marketing for the Greater Good | Reuben Yuvaraj, Associate Director, TEAM LEWIS Malaysia, Gladys Goh, Deputy President, Nippon Paint Marine
We live in a time where brands are expected to do more than just make money. They are expected to stand for something, to align with the values of their consumers. At the same time, it is important for brands to avoid 'woke-washing' by simply putting on a show to attract consumers. In this session, we will explain how purpose can help brands form meaningful connections with consumers and how you can promote your causes in an authentic and valuable way.
Building Authentic and Reliable Brands | Thomas Skelton, Director, Corporate Strategy, APAC, TEAM LEWIS
An abundance of choices surrounds us. Today’s consumer is faced with an unprecedented abundance of products and services that can easily be accessed online from anywhere in the world. The public and purchasers are looking for brands they see as authentic, share and practice their values. Therefore, engaging and making customers and audiences feel understood and appreciated is crucial to standing out and achieving success. This session will discuss how USPs and service value are no longer enough to stand out from the crowd, and what brands need to do instead to secure audience interest.


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