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February 21, 2022


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When you think of B2B marketing, what comes to mind? Chances are many of us will associate B2B marketing with the words white paper, traditional, safe and perhaps, more brutally, a bit of a snooze fest. One of the things TEAM LEWIS strongly believes, is that B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring and blah.  

Head of Technology, APAC, Smitha Virik, shared 5 strategies that B2B brands can use to push the boundaries and create bold and brilliant campaigns during a recent webinar with General Assembly.  

To effectively craft engaging campaigns brands must keep pace with the changing marketing landscape. In the last year consumer behaviour has changed, we are continuing to see screen time climb across the globe and interactions with social media platforms across APAC exceed global averages (Source: Marketing in 2022: Multi-Moment Audience). Audiences today are beginning to self-regulate and become more critical of how they engage with brands online. This means brands must move with precision to capture audience’s attention.  

Following the development of technologies and data, today’s marketing ecosystem is increasingly complex for marketers. We now live, work and market in the age of the multiverse.  

What are the makings of today’s multiverse? 

  • Multi-Platform – There is a vast array of channels in the modern marketer’s arsenal. Today we need to be thinking about how we can leverage the latest channels like TikTok or the Metaverse, in a relevant way that meets audiences where they want to be.  
  • Multi-Tasking – We are living in a world where most of us rarely does one task at a time. It’s rare that marketers get the undivided attention of its desired audience.  
  • Multi-Role – Today’s jobs require a broader set of skills more than ever before. We all wear multiple hats.  
  • Multi-Device – It’s rare that any of us use just a single device for the entire day. Outside of the usual tablets, mobiles, PCs, we also interact with smart TV’s, smart speakers, and wearables.  

What this means for brands is that it can no longer rely on an isolated moment to build connections. Instead, brands must consider multiple touchpoints and techniques to effectively reach and convert audiences.

Here are 5 strategies for B2B brands to use to go from blah and boring to bold and brilliant campaigns. 

  1. Know your audience: Understanding your audience will help you better target and optimise content. Audience insights can also help you make better decisions – what your messaging should sound like, when is the best time to communicate an offer or what motivates your audience in making a purchase. By taking the time to really understand your audience you can cut through the noise and create lasting connections. 
  2. Inject emotion and humanise your marketing: Deliver campaigns that tap into human emotions and help form a deeper connection with your audience. Audiences today are heavily influenced by their moods and intrinsic values. By aligning your brand with what matters or relates to them it will help get your message across more effectively. 
  3. Unify your branded content: You can no longer build brand awareness through just one marketing channel. Make sure to align all your brand content across different channels. This will create a positive customer experience and further build brand awareness.  
  4. Ditch the jargon: Most B2B marketers make the mistake of being highly technical with their marketing. But does your audience really understand those terminologies and industry catchphrases? Keep it simple, make sure your audience knows what you’re talking about. 
  5. Think out of the box: Everyone uses a white paper, why not try something different. 99% of lead generation campaigns point back to a wordy whitepaper. If all your competitors are doing it why not come up with innovative, fresh, and visually appealing new content. 

There are many B2B brands that have adapted and are using creativity to drive performance. One such example is a campaign for cybersecurity company Sophos. Through creative storytelling and a slightly out-of-the-ordinary approach for a tech brand, Sophos was able to drive audience engagement with its ‘Sophos Eats Threats for Breakfast’ campaign. 

At the end of the day, it’s important that B2B brands stay abreast of trends and produce compelling content that grabs audience’s attention. Marketers must learn to not shy away from creativity – it’s not just for creatives. It’s an approach that anyone can adopt by simply putting themselves in the shoes of the audience and taking the occasional risk by making incremental changes.  

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next marketing campaign, we can help. Check out our services here or drop us a message today.  

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