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Trends Shaping Sustainable Marketing Communications

Sustainability is one of those critical issues that is growing in popularity. 

In Australia, we’re reaching a tipping point and this has also reflected globally. Citizens are demanding action, and it’s our nation’s businesses that need to rise to the occasion.

In Singapore, we have made some strides to push for greater sustainable development within the nation, but more work needs to be put into communicating these efforts.

Sustainability Now is a campaign that intends to help brands understand how they can effectively communicate their sustainability commitments. We analysed the current environmental sustainability situation and spoke to leading consultants, business directors, marketing professionals and young activists to find out what drives them.

WATCH: Sustainability Now

READ: Research Report

In our latest thought leadership report, we used secondary research to prepare a reflection of our current sustainability situation. The report highlights trends and insights that businesses can use to help build successful sustainability marketing campaigns and messaging.  

Download the Australia Report

Download the Singapore Report

LISTEN: The Sustainability Now Podcast

There is no doubt that sustainability is becoming a more pressing concern for consumers, companies, and society at large. The Sustainability Now podcast, by TEAM LEWIS is a platform where we discuss what we can do now to secure our future and make the planet a better place. Across the three episodes we speak to leading consultants, business directors, marketing professionals and young activists to find out the strategies they use to effectively communicate and enhance their sustainability goals and actions. Tune into the podcast now. 

Episode 1: Cutting Through the Noise with Truth Marketing

Episode 2: Generational Analogies

Episode 3: Technology Changing the Sustainability Game

THINK: Sustainability Thought Leadership

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