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Meme marketing is a thriving trend that global brands have swiftly embraced. Memes are a cultural phenomenon that we use in our day-to-day conversations to express ourselves in an amusing manner.

Celebrities Who Became Memes: Chrissy Teigen, Nick Young, More | Us Weekly

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Once a good meme drops, it quickly goes viral. And this virality is the ultimate goal brands have when they enter the world of meme marketing. By leveraging the humorous nature of memes, brands are able to connect with their audiences in a highly engaged manner, when done well. Meme marketing can help brands increase relevance, relatability, and approachability to the audiences they are targeting.

So what makes meme marketing appealing?

  1. Connecting with audiences in an alternate way
    Memes are a ubiquitous cultural phenomenon across social media platforms, from Instagram to TikTok. Their primary purpose is to entertain, but clever creators can also use them to convey an effective message. Considering your target audience is vital, as those brands who appeal to Gen Z or Millennial audiences stand a much higher chance of success with meme marketing, given its cultural relevance to these demographic groups.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness
    Of course, brands are drawn to meme marketing for its virality potential, but also its cost-effectiveness. Once a meme catches on online, its reach can skyrocket and potentially reach millions of people. And brands that went viral with meme marketing, did so without breaking their marketing budgets. The secret sauce is finding a really good meme and using it creatively to connect with your audience.

Take Netflix, for example. It is known for using meme marketing to promote new shows and Netflix India made a meme from a trending series in India, Cobra Kai to promote a new show in the Indian market.

Netflix continues to align its memes with its playful and humorous tone, which spurred on audiences around the globe to the create their own memes with Netflix shows and engage with the brand. Here’s an example:

23 Hilarious 'Bird Box' Memes That Are Probably Better Than The Movie | Hilarious, Parenting humor memes, Memes

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When it comes to mastering meme marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success. However, there are several key considerations to keep in mind when delving into this strategy.

#1 Relevance to audience

There are myriad memes widely available online and pictures/videos go viral every other day, but that does not mean you should immediately jump on the latest one. Yes, it may resonate with Gen Zs or Millennials, but ask are you targeting a specific subset within that demographic? If so, will this group understand the meme?

Netflix was able to hit the mark as it understood its audience and what would resonate with them. Staying abreast of cultural trends is another vital element – knowing what’s trending, which celebrities your audience likes and tending TV shows etc., all contributes to crafting a meme that will truly connect with your target audience.

#2 Matching brand tone

Understanding whether the meme will resonate with your audience is one thing, but ensuring it aligns with your brand tone or personality is something many overlook. Brands that went viral were strategic in selecting a meme which matched its tone, thereby amplifying its message. If a meme does not suit your brand, it will not hit the mark, even if it is trending. Memes are a great tool to help amplify the brand’s personality, especially if you want to promote the lighter side of your brand. Let your memes tell the story, but be wary of overusing them.

Remember, it’s about what will make your audience hit share. A picture paints a thousand words, whilst memes say a million. Well, okay, nobody has said that, but you get what I mean. Now go forth and meme away!

Btw, this was me writing this blog:

21 Hilarious Content Writing Memes for a Good Laugh

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See what I did there?

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