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Welcome to the last This Week in Social of 2023. Google has wrapped up its Year in Search with an interactive game. BeReal gets four new features. And Toby shares how AI can help kids learn. Keep scrolling to read more.

Trending Stories

What were the most searched things on Google in 2023? 

As 2023 ends, what were some of the most searched topics on Google this year? In addition to ongoing conflicts, Google’s global data tracks some of the biggest trending topics globally. Of these events, the Titanic submarine was one of the major searches in June, while more recent searches included the sensational “Barbie” and “Oppeneimer” films. In line with entertainment, TV series like “The Last of Us”, “Wednesday”, and “Ginny and Georgia” were some of the top trending shows of the year.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Google shared its top search data of all time from a range of categories, including the most googled Grammy winner (Beyonce), and most searched athlete (Christiano Ronaldo). Google provides more data from previous years in its “Year in Search” archive for people to explore. 

Written by: Amber Sim

Barbenheimer takes the lead with Golden Globe nominations 

Barbie and Oppenheimer continue to live up to their legacy as the biggest movies of 2023. The blockbuster hits received nine and eight nominations retrospectively.  

Included in Barbie’s nine nominations is Margot Robbie as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Ryan Gosling for Best Supporting Actor, and Greta Gerwig for Best Director. Oppenheimer’s Christopher Nolan is also up for best director. The movie is one of the first to be included in the new category for 2024, “cinematic and box office achievement […], which aims to give more recognition to films popular with the public.” 

Amongst the blockbuster nominations, Succession takes the lead with nine nominations in the TV categories. Other hits, including Only Murders in the Building, The Morning Show, and The Crown, have also been recognised. Amongst the leading distributors, “Netflix is leading the nominations with 28 in total, 13 for film and 15 for television shows. HBO l Max has the most TV nominations with 17 in total.” 

The awards will take place in Los Angeles on January 7th. Check out the full list of nominees here.  

Written by: Ellie-Mae Turner-Wood 

 A Reverie like no other  

We love to keep you updated with what’s trending; however, at times, it’s important to highlight actions or movements that make the world brighter. This is why I will be covering the story below. 

The Reverie Project by Suffolk County Council is a standout beacon of hope. In today’s world, it is easy to see the advances in both VR and AR as developments which pose a potential threat to societal well-being, with worries of increasing isolation and a lack of real-world connection. However, the Reverie project perfectly illustrates the immense potential for meaningful social impact through the use of VR. A festive tea dance was filmed to provide a virtual reality experience for those living with dementia. This will be one of several VR experiences, another being footage of Colchester Zoo, which will be provided next year to stimulate people in the community affected by the illness.  

The tea dance was filmed at Snape Maltings near Aldeburgh, with 100 dancers accompanied by a live band. Allowing dementia patients to watch and experience a moment of community and connection, which may have otherwise not been accessible, has the potential to trigger memories and stimulate the brain.  

We look forward to learning more about Project Reverie in 2024.  

Written by: Struan Walker


Toby’s Tiny Tales

Welcome back to Toby’s Tiny Tales. Toby Fairhead, a RISE Academy graduate, now Senior Campaign Executive in our London team, has three top recommendations of what you should stream, watch, and read this weekend:


The EU AI Act

With AI processing, the EU now waits for its regulation to be passed.


AI helps kids with homework – 17 mins

Gone are the days when kids need their parent’s help with homework. AI can do it.


Nitrogen Wars – 41 mins

Find out how the Dutch government has been battling the climate crisis


Platform Updates

BeReal is getting four upgrades to make posts that bit more real 

Authenticity has always been at the heart of BeReal’s ethos. The purpose of using the app is, quite literally, to be real. Since bursting onto the scene in early 2022, it has steadily become one of the most popular social media apps, even touting the iPhone App of the Year in 2022. 

But BeReal isn’t stopping there. In fact, it is introducing four new features to make posts even more real. Users can now use: Behind the Scenes (BTS), Tagging, RealGroups, and is improving its Your Recap feature, which documents users’ annual usage à la Spotify Wrapped. 

The intention behind these features is to boost the authenticity of the posts, with BTS capturing the moments either side the photo is taken (essentially like a live photo). The introduction of RealGroups will permit users to create 2 groups, like traditional group chats, to share chats. However, as users can only create 2 chats, they will have to be selective about who they include in the groups! 

Innovation is always well received on social media apps, and these introductions seem like a sure-fire way to generate more interest in an already popular app. 

Written by: Will Lowden

Snapchat shares your best bits from 2023 

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time for people to reflect on their year and look forward for their year to come. Snapchat has just the tool to help!  

Snapchat has announced that the annual re-cap has returned this year. Giving Snapchatters a review of their memories from the past year – sectioning them into categories based on your memories. 

This re-cap allows you to share your memories with your friends and on your story. So keep an eye out for your nostalgic trip down memory lane as Snapchat has announced the activation will hit our accounts on the 13th! 

 Written by: Tilly Rowsell

Threads weaves in fact-checking

Meta revealed a new feature for Threads, integrating an Instagram setting to let users govern their exposure to fact-checked content. Users now have three control levels—“Don’t reduce,” “Reduce,” and “Reduce more”—allowing them to influence the visibility of posts flagged for misinformation, alterations, or lacking context.

Positioned as a tool to combat misinformation, this feature essentially functions as a personalised filter, allowing users to shape their content experience. Meta utilises third-party fact-checkers from Instagram and Facebook, transferring ratings indirectly to Threads content. This move aligns with Meta’s ongoing efforts to address moderation challenges, acknowledging the necessity to balance user control, legal requirements, and advertiser interests.

Written by: Matthew Bleaney


That’s This Week in Social all wrapped up! If you can’t wait for Fridays to hear the latest news in marketing and social, head over to our blog for more insights.

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