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We deliver digital marketing programs that engage and excite.

We’re a leading, globally independent digital marketing agency that combines data, strategy, and creativity to deliver exceptional outcomes for a combination of B2B and Consumer brands.

With extensive expertise in content, social media, paid media, and integrated campaigns, we understand the intricacies of each online marketing channel and how they fit into the customer journey. We offer a full range of services including SEO, SEM, influencer partnerships, and targeted creative content, helping clients from startups to global enterprises achieve their marketing goals.

Trusted by top brands, our team excels in driving engagement and delivering measurable results. Let us take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Start enhancing your integrated digital strategies today!

Digital Marketing Client Experience

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We’re the digital marketing agency that:
  • Influenced policymakers with multifaceted campaign for Ripple

  • Generated millions in lead value for VMware

  • Helped Lucid Motors secure more than 10,000 preorders for its groundbreaking Air EV

  • Bolstered Mitek’s revenue gains with website traffic, share-of-voice increases

Maintain Brand Salience

Timing is crucial in every aspect of your business. Our integrated digital marketing strategies strive to drive engagement with the audiences that matter most. By listening to social communities and keeping an eye on analytical dashboards, our teams are expert marketers and storytellers who leverage a variety of tactics to create a level of awareness that meets your goals. From lead and demand generation campaigns, increasing sales for you product offering, or expanding reach to new audiences, our digital marketing team can do it all.

Ready to tackle your daily, quarterly or yearly priorities and challenges, we’re an integrated digital marketing agency that’s always ideating around the big picture campaigns that will be the perfect fit for your brand.

How We Can Help:  

  • Full Audit of Existing Digital Strategies  
  • Organic Search & Social Media  
  • Omni-channel Planning, Buying, Optimization & Reporting 
  • SEO & SEM Activations  
  • Integrated Influencer Partnerships 
  • Develop Targeted Creative Content  
  • Research & Data Analytics 

What We Do Best:  

  • Execute across verticals, from startups to global enterprises  
  • Work with speed and agility, shifting gears quickly to meet your needs 
  • Manage client relationships across 25 global markets 
  • Anticipate and prepare for economic trends impacting your business 
  • Deliver creative solutions that help clients meet business objectives 

VMware: A Decade of Dominance

For over ten years, VMware has trusted TEAM LEWIS to design impactful digital campaigns across many of its business units.

As a B2B marketing and communications agency, we’ve developed highly effective, efficient, and scalable lead generation programs by tailoring content to specific buyer personas and engaging audiences through multi-channel campaigns. During our tenure, one of the ways we’ve supported the client is by working with VMware’s Demand Generation team to drive top of funnel leads, in-person and virtual event registrations across their diverse solution portfolio. 


 - 13,221 leads generated through demand gen-specific campaigns  

 - $14.7M in sourced demand-gen opportunities 

 - 1,400+ event registrations for VMworld  

 - 40+ quarterly paid campaigns 

ASTROGLIDE: Riding the Momentum of Cultural Touchstones 

The confluence of customer feedback, localized ads and celebrated events optimizes conversions and drives sales

TEAM LEWIS designed and delivered a digital marketing campaign for ASTROGLIDE that got product into the hands of hundreds and helped turn website visits into sales. By tapping into the power of pop culture and data-driven storytelling, TEAM LEWIS turned the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day into a steady stream of new ASTROGLIDE customers.


 - 9,500+ site visits 

 - 900+ sample product sign-ups via the Super Bowl landing page 

 - $47K in attributed sales     - 730K+ influencer impressions  

Our proven expertise as a strategic digital marketing agency can help to drive exceptional growth for any B2B and B2C brand. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and propel your company to new heights.

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What Sets Us Apart

We’re not just a global digital marketing agency. With +25 offices worldwide, our client base, campaigns, and initiatives have a global reach. Irrespective of time zones, languages, or challenges – we are the agency equipped with the knowledge and capability to deliver exceptional results.

Globally Integrated Case Studies

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