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18 April - 22 April 2022



The vastness of the LEWIVERSE awaits.

Whether galaxy expanders, planet hoppers or Hale-Boppers, there’s a common thread between all the _ERs inhabiting our space-time fabric: the infinite possibilities to grow within the LEWIVERSE. Now is your time to explore them.  

Join TEAM LEWIS’ Career Week and learn about all the opportunities you have to grow and develop. From changing departments to relocating offices, to becoming an expert in your field to giving your talents to local Causes, in the LEWIVERSE you can choose your own flight path.  

Lifting off from the Career Launchpad starting April 18th.


Want to see what all is out there? Join an exploratory session to expand your awareness of the opportunities outside your current orbit. You can explore Consumer Tech with Steph Proos and Vera Kops, Innovation with Danny Wong and Andy Martinus, Creative with Simon Billington and Joe Furmanek, and more.  


If you love what you’re doing and want to progress in your chosen field, this is for you. “Day-in-the-life” style discussions with Johnson Lee, Bri Ary, Dom Cox, Nafisa Dahodwala and others will give you a glimpse into the next level and what it takes to get there. 


We often gain inspiration from others who’ve taken a leap of faith. From relocating across the TEAM LEWIS network to changing teams to moving through the ranks,to opening new officeslearn from others who’ve done it before. Listen to Vanishaa Doshi, Nuria Picas, Megan Maguire and others tell their stories of taking their careers into their own hands.  


Want to explore our global network? Sessions hosted by Noah Dye, Yvonne van Bokhoven and Fairil Yeo will give you a glimpse into what it’s like to work in each of our regions. Sara Gustafson, Chloe Hodgson and Jasrel Ng will help you plan out your next office visit (or relocation). 


Your career is in your hands. Join sessions on personal branding, self-advocacy and imposter syndrome with Isabel Forbes, the US DICE team and Helen Ellis. Noah Dye and Yvonne van Bokhoven will also share key advice for achieving success at TEAM LEWIS.

Keep an eye on email and Zoom for more information.