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May 31, 2018


It's Already Tomorrow, webinar series

It's Already Tomorrow Webinar Series: Measuring Traditional PR in the Digital Age

Have you ever used an Ad Value Equivalent table to measure the size of your press release? Are you constantly Googling the circulation of small publications? Are all press release clippings equal? The pace of change around digital media has rapidly created a new ecosystem and the old methods of PR measurement are obsolete.


The LEWIS Analytics team discusses not only the failures of past PR measurement tactics, but the current shortcomings of analytics with today’s PR. Digital media has revolutionized the communications industry because of its efficient ability to give feedback. PR is the analytics laggard in this robust feedback loop. While paid digital media shows instant returns, digital PR continues to fail in to properly illustrating a standardized value.


In this free webinar, hosted by Jason Methner, VP of Analytics, Global, James McKinny, Director of Analytics and Emileigh Beauregard, Web Analytics Strategist, we cover:

  • How PR historically has been measured
  • Our recommendation for how to think about digital PR in relation to the digital ecosystem
  • An additional integration of PR with Paid Media that can help boost great content and return robust measurement



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