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February 6, 2024


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Global marketing agency ramps investment in consultancy practice that helps campaigns become more targeted and cost-effective.

Hard on the heels of the appointment of Senior Vice President Piper Dolan as Head of Research, Analysis & Strategy, TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, has appointed Kurt Hauptman as Vice President of Analytics.

Hauptman joins the team to oversee measurement, reporting and optimization for all clients. He brings more than a decade of experience in analytics and a proven track record of delivering for major clients. This is the latest investment hire in this growing practice area.

“Hauptman’s knowledge of data analysis combined with his strategic vision will be instrumental in elevating our analytics capabilities and unlocking new opportunities for growth,” said Dolan.

“Kurt’s experience in performance intelligence will accelerate client marketing and communications efforts,” said Noah Dye, Executive Vice President, U.S. at TEAM LEWIS. “We look forward to his leadership in driving innovation and value for our clients.”

Hauptman will help define and influence analytics roadmaps for clients and guide the agency’s analytics innovation and strategies.

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