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June 10, 2019


The 360 is a monthly podcast, covering topics across PR and Digital Marketing. Sit down with our resident experts as we discuss the latest industry trends and best practices to help inform your marketing strategy.

We’ve got a brand new podcast that’s been created to help marketers solve their most common challenges. Explore the latest trends in PR, digital marketing and communications. In The 360, we sit down with our resident experts who share innovative insights and tactical advice on how to best integrate your marketing efforts in PR and digital.

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EPISODE 01: Content & SEO – The Perfect Match

In this episode of The 360, we sit down with Hannah Brozek (Content Marketing Manager), Dustin McManus (Senior Content Specialist), and Nicole Grodesky (SEO Director) to discuss the marriage between SEO and Content Marketing and how each practice should inform the other. We dive into how to apply SEO tactics and best practice to get your content seen. Listen now.

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