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Alex Lohnes

Published on

August 14, 2018



Odds are that during the course of your professional career you will change jobs and make a major career shift. I know I have switched jobs and careers. Just the idea of that significant of a change causes a good amount of anxiety, let alone thinking about settling into a new office, meeting all new people and learning all new responsibilities. This anxiousness is normal. But once you start the job there are a couple of easy actions you can take to make the anxiety disappear.

Here are a few tips that, for me, made the transition easier, more enjoyable, and successful.

1. Ask Questions

When in a new environment, it is easy to stay quiet and just listen – which is okay, listening is great! But sometimes you need to actually speak up to figure things out when you are confused. Asking for an explanation or clarification will help you understand, and it will also show your manager that you are engaged in the topic and want to know the information thoroughly.

It’s key to know that not understanding something new is not a weakness. You aren’t expected to understand everything that is thrown at you when you first start.

2. Embrace Mistakes

Mistakes are how you learn. As Julius Caesar wrote, “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

When doing anything new, mistakes are going to happen. Being prepared to make more mistakes than normal when starting something new is a good way to keep a positive state of mind when you end up making a mistake. I know that when I remain positive I end up learning quicker and more efficiently from my mistakes. We are not going to be perfect, but we can be always moving forward and improving!

3. Attend Company Social Events

The best way to build rapport, develop relationships and become part of the team is to attend your company’s social events. Take advantage of more than the sponsored parties – if some co-workers ask you out for happy hour, go out for a drink. Outside the office people tend to loosen up and you can learn more about each other. It is definitely true that people’s personalities show up more when not in the office. Once you get to know your co-workers  better, and vice versa, you will start to feel more comfortable. So, go get a drink, play some cornhole and have some fun!

Following these three simple tips will help over the anxiousness of starting your new job. Remember, new jobs are exciting and possibilities are endless, so take the opportunity and run with it!

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