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January 29, 2024


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The first month of 2024 is already over! Take a look through the top stories and trends that kicked off the year with This Month in Social.

OpenAI launches custom chatbots in ChatGPT store

After a month long delay, OpenAI’s ChatGPT store is finally open for business. The store gives users the opportunity to share custom chatbots, expanding OpenAI’s ecosystem.

The feature is only available to those who subscribe to the paid tiers, but since the GPT Builder program was announced in November, over 3 million bots (simply called GPTs) have been created by users. Chatbot creations include “a GPT that suggests synonyms for common words” and a GPT that searches the “latest trends for a product category on the web and then creates prototype images for it. Takes less than 90 seconds end-to-end.”

A revenue-sharing program was also announced, meaning GPT builders will be paid based on user engagement with their chatbots. However, OpenAI has yet to share more details on how this looks in practice.

Written by: Ellie-Mae Turner-Wood

A grab for the Golden Globes: Success for Oppenheimer in 2024

Oppenheimer took home five Golden Globes at the 2024 awards ceremony, including the top prize of Best Film. The male leads Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr were awarded for their acting performances, while Christopher Nolan won Best Director.

The night also saw success for the other half of the Barbenheimer phenomenon. Barbie won the newly added category, taking home the Inaugural Box Office Achievement Award after grossing $1.4bn (£1.13bn) worldwide. Billie Eilish was also recognised for one of the biggest songs in the movie, ‘What Was I Made For?’.

Following the fourth and final season, Succession led the way in the TV series’ categories. In a comedic ‘steal’ from Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin was named Best Leading TV Actor and the show won best drama series – seen as the night’s top prize in the television categories.

It was a night of stunning frocks and suits, the birthplace of hilarious new memes and a host of well-deserved winners. For a full list of nominees and the winners on the night, click here.

Written by: Ellie-Mae Turner-Wood

Snoop Dogg’s Smokeless Campaign Questions The Value Of Going Viral

A partnership with a Hip Hop icon. Critical acclaim from and a spot on Ad Age’s Top Ads of 2023. Gaining 60,000 followers in a matter of days, as well as billions of impressions and top tier media coverage. Sounds like every Social Media Marketer’s dream, right?

Unfortunately for the Solo Stove team who achieved all this with their Snoop Dogg campaign, the dream was a short-lived one. Within two months of the launch, the CEO overseeing it was out of a job and the interim CFO was admitting the campaign “raised brand awareness” but “did not lead to the sales lift that [they] had planned.”

This is a prime example of a very common challenge, not just within Social Media Marketing, but across many MarComms campaigns. It can be tempting to want a campaign that does everything – brand awareness, retention, lead gen and sales. But, as Oprah once said, “You can have it all. Just not all at once.” This not only creates unfair and unrealistic goals for your team and your investment, but by trying to squeeze in everything, you risk doing none of it very well.

The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that it can facilitate the entire funnel – from awareness to sales. The Solo Stove were off to a great start with their awareness campaign. If it had been followed by a more targeted campaign, designed to drive audiences to click the “Order” button, they weren’t far off achieving those sales they had been hoping for…

Written by: Emily Yandle

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Things You Must Know About Davos 2024

And, just like that, Davos 2024 is over. For a week, global leaders met to generate ideas and partnerships to advance solutions to the shared challenges we face globally. From AI to climate change and global growth, they discussed how cooperation can help to make progress on the challenges we all face today and into the future.

The overarching theme of discussions covered the urgent need for political leaders to unite amidst geopolitical and economic complexity – including misinformation in what is a major election year. Inside Davos, this discussion started with a focus on AI’s role in misinforming the public. However, both inside and outside of the event, leaders were quickly reminded of Social Media’s role in the spreading of ‘Fake News’ – particularly via Meta’s Facebook and WhatsApp platforms.

Written by: Emily Yandle

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